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Sigma Mixer Transmission System And Blade Rotation | JCT Machinery

November 03, 2023
Sigma Mixer Transmission System Component:

• Electric Motor: The core component of the transmission system is the electric motor, which provides power through electricity. The electric motor is usually connected to the power supply via a cable.

• Reducer: The output shaft of the motor is connected to the reducer. The function of the reducer is to slow down the high-speed rotation of the motor in order to achieve the appropriate mixing speed in the mixer. Reducers usually include components such as gears and bearings.

• Main Shaft: The output shaft of the reducer is connected to the main shaft of the sigma mixer. The main shaft passes through the mixing chamber, and the mixing blades are fixed on the main shaft, so when the main shaft rotates, the mixing blades also rotate together.

• Mixing Blades: The mixing blades are located in the sigma mixer mixing chamber, and they are connected to the reducer through the main shaft. These blades are usually in the shape of a double helix and help mix the material evenly.

• Control System: Typically, the drive system of a sigma mixer is connected to a control system so that the operator can adjust the mixing speed and stop the mixer.

sigma mixer transmission

Sigma Mixer Working Principle:

1. When the motor is activated, it begins to rotate, providing power to the reducer.

2. Sigma Mixer reducer reduces the output of the high-speed rotating motor to the appropriate stirring speed.

3. The output shaft of the reducer is connected to the main shaft of the sigma mixer.

4. The main shaft drives the mixing blades to rotate together, which causes the materials to be mixed and stirred in the chamber.

5. The operator can control the speed and stop of the motor through the control system.

How to achieve difference in blade speed?

• Double propeller blades: The two propeller blades of a Sigma Mixer are usually in the shape of a double helix, located on both sides of the main shaft.

• Mainshaft Design: The mainshaft is usually a solid shaft, but between the two blades, the mainshaft gears have different diameters or helical shapes. This means that each blade on the spindle has a different point of contact with the spindle, so the two blades will spin at different speeds when driven by the same motor.

• Left-hand and right-hand blades: Typically, one blade is left-hand and the other is right-hand. This design ensures that the two blades can rotate in different directions and speeds under the same driving force.

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