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Granular Hot Melt Adhesives Manufacturing Process | JCT Machinery

November 27, 2023

According to the particle shape of the product, the method of grain cutting can be divided into Underwater granulation and Out of water granulatiion. Kind of different in equipment configuration, hot melt adhesive manufacturing processea are similar.

The granular hot melt adhesive manufacturing process involves several steps to produce a consistent and high-quality adhesive product. The exact process can vary depending on the specific formulation and requirements of the adhesive.

granular hot melt adhesive production line

Granular Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturing Process
  • Formulation

  • The process begins with the formulation of granular hot melt adhrdive. ayahod involves selecting and measuring the raw materials, including polymers, resins, waxes and additives, according to the desired adhesive properties.

  • Melting and Mixing

  • The selected raw materials are then melted and mixed together. This can be done in a mixing vessel, such as a sigma mixer, where the components are blended to form a homogeneous mixture. The mixture is heated to a temperature at which all components are in a molten state.

  • Degassing

  • The molten adhesive mixture is often subjected to a degassing process to remove any entrapped air or gases. This step helps in achieving a more uniform and consistent adhesive.

  • Cooling

  • After mixing and degassing, the molten adhesive is cooled to a specific temperature to achieve the desired viscosity. The cooling process is carefully controlled to ensure that the adhesive solidifies into the desired granular form.

  • Granulation

  • The cooled adhesive is then granulated into small particles. This can be done using a granulator or similar equipment, which breaks the adhesive into granules of the desired size. The size of the granules can influence the adhesive's application characteristics.

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