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Vertical Kneader Mechanical Details | JCT Machinery

November 28, 2023

vertical kneader blades

JCT Machinery Vertical Kneader Mechanical Details
  • The kneading blade is installed vertically on the top of the kettle body of vertical kneader. Only the vertical kneader blade and kettle body are in contact with the material, and there will be no debris contaminating the material.

  • The blade performs planetary revolution and rotatioon at different speeds. There are no dead ends in mixing, high efficiency and high uniformity of finished products.

  • The blade fitting gap is as low as 2mm, and the contact surface between the blade and the material is large, which can provide strong shearing force and kneading effect.

  • The blade of the vertical kneader and the inner wall of the kettle are finely machined and polished to a mirror surface, and can be plated with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coatings to enhance the surface's resistance to acid, alkali and wear, making it easier to clean.

  • The seals and bearings of the vertical kneader are not in contact with the material, so there will be no oil leakage, vacuum leakage, bearing damage or contaminated materials due to material corrosion.

  • The motor operates safely, stably, reliably and can be timed.

  • The vertical kneader kettle body adopts a jacket and is connected to achieve stable temperature control of the materials.

  • The vertical kneader frame and the kettle body can be separated, and the main machine can be used in turn with multiple kettle bodies to achieve continuous production and improve efficiency.

  • The vertical kneader host machine and the discharging system can be connected through the platform, the barrel can move freely, the discharging is simple, and cleaning is convenient.

  • Using a variety of sealing methods, stable vacuum and pressure maintaining control can be achieved.

Notice: Vertical Kneader is different from planetary mixer.

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