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Glue Making Machines: Reactor and Sigma Mixer | JCT Machinery

November 27, 2023

Both Reactor and Sigma Mixer can be used in glue making. The choice depends on the characteristics of the glue being made. Sometimes, if the glue produced is very sticky, use sigma mixer, and if the glue is not very sticky, use reactor. For details, please refer to the suggestions of our JCT Machinery professional sales team.

Glue making machine: Reactor
  • Function

  • Reactor is a vessel designed for the controlled chemical reaction of raw materials to produce the desired glue formulation. The reaction may involve polymerization or other chemical processes to create the glue.

  • Polymerization

  • In the case of certain glue, such as those based on polymers, reactor is used for polumerization reactions. This involves the combination of monomers to form larger polymer chains, resulting in the glue properties.

  • Heat Transfer

  • Reactor often has efficient heat transfer systems to control the temperature during the chemical reaction.

  • Pressure Control

  • Some reactions may require specific pressure conditions, and reactor can be designed to handle the required pressure for the glue manufacturing process.


Glue making machine: Sigma Mixer
    • Function

    • Sigma Mixers are used for the mechanical mixing of various components, including polymers, resins, solvents and additives. They play a crucial role in blending and homogenizing the raw materials to create a consistent glue mixture.

  • Dispersion and Kneading

  • Sigma mixer is known for its ability to disperse and knead materials effectively. This is particularly important in glue making, where achieving a uniform distribution of components in vital for product quality.

  • High Shear Mixing

  • Sigma mixer's design allows for high shear mixing, ensuring that the glue components are thoroughly combined.

  • Temperature Control

  • Some sigma mixers have features for temperature control, allowing the manufacturer to adjust and maintain the temperature during the mixing process.

sigma mixer

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