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Glue Making Machine
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Product Introduction

1 )JCT machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in design, production, installation and commissioning. It has more than 20 years of design

and production experience, advanced design, well made,the products are sold to all over

the world.。

2)The grafted adhesive production line designed by JCT is communicated with a number of experienced grafted glue technology engineers. After design, the production line has high production efficiency and low production cost. It can realize semi-automatic or automatic control according to different customer requirements.

3. Production line equipment configuration:

Reaction kettle, condenser, dispersing kettle, filter, filling machine, steam furnace, water cooling system, material pump, etc.

4. Production process:

1).All kinds of raw materials are prepared according to the technical formula. 2)Add butanone, xylene and other solvents to the reaction kettle to stir and stir. 3)Add chloroprene rubber, continue heating heating, high speed;

4) After the rubber is dissolved, the other raw materials are added to heat up and react.

5) When the viscosity is detected and the requirements are reached, other raw materials are added. 6)Cool down the cooling water to the specified temperature.

7) Pump the finished product into the high speed dispersion kettle.

8) Other raw materials such as resin are added to adjust the viscosity and solid content.

9) After sampling and testing, the cooling is cooled and the material is packed.


5. Production line specifications:

1)500L-1500L Grafted adhesive production line; 2)2000L-3000L Grafted adhesive production line; 3)4000L-6000L Grafted adhesive production line; 4)8000L-12000L Grafted adhesive production line;

5)It can be designed according to the actual needs.

Product Introduction

Premium multipurpose one page template
Premium multipurpose one page template
Premium multipurpose one page template
Premium multipurpose one page template

Company Advantages

Team: Focus on the chemical equipment industry for more than 12 years, with more than 10 years of experience in the technical team!
Can provide the entire production line design and production, plant specifications, reasonable customization, equipped with suitable machinery for you.
Quality: The equipment is made of stainless steel, the appearance is mirror polished, and the vacuum box balance structure is adopted. The vacuum degree reaches -0.096 and the sealing quality is good.

Frequently Asked Questions about glue making machine


Can you send the formula for the products we want to make ?        


Our machines can be used for many kinds of product making ,such as Resin , Paint, Adhesive , Cosmetic , Food , Chemicals . There are many kinds of these products , so it's impossible for us to know all the formulas and technologies . We can assist you to find the raw material list you need , and after you place order with us , we can help you to find formula and technology , there will engineers to teach you how to make the product , and the cost will be on your account.


Why does it take at least 20 days to finish the machine ?        


Once receipt the deposit from you , we will design the drawings and make out the list of the materials and accessories for the production . Once the drawings are finished , our workers will start the production , from welding , polishing , assembling debugging , detection and so on . After finish , they need time to check the machines , if found any possible defect parts , they will return to the production until every part is 100% approved.


Do you have machines in stock ?        


Yes , but just the small-scale machines Machines are different with other products , most of the large-scale machines are designed according to our customers 'requirements different customers have different production requirements , so the technical parameter is different for most machines On the other hands , most of the our machines will cover a large area , so once the machines are finished , we will effect shipment after QC .


Can we pay the balance after we receive the machines and test without problem.        


It's unnessary to worry about the quality of our machines , we are confident in that . After the machine is finished . we can install and test the machine for you ( if you can not come to our factory ,we can record a video and send to you ) . Only after you check without problems , we will effect shipment .


Can you send the detailed drawings of the machine to us before we place order ?        


We can send you a draft drawing of the machines , and after you place order and pay the deposit , our engineer will design the send you the detailed drawings . Once you confirm without questions , we will put it into production.

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