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What Are The Steps Of Vulcanization Process? | JCT Machinery

December 08, 2023

Silicone rubber vulcanization process is not completed at one time, but is carried out in two stages. The rubber material is heated and shaped under pressure (such as molding vulcanization, direct steam vulcanization in a vulcanization in a vulcanization tank, etc.) or under normal pressure (such as hor air continuous vulcanization). It is called one-stage vulcanization; high-temperature vulcanization in an oven to further stabilize the physical properties of the vulcanized rubber is called two-stage vulcanization.

silicone rubber

One Stage Vulcanization
  • Vulcanization of Model Products
    Flat plate vulcanization, transfer molding vulcanization and injection pressure vulcanization can be used. When silicone rubber products are vulcanized, release agents are generally not used. The materials shoule be loaded, mold closed and pressurized quickly, otherwise they will be easily scorched, especially those containing vulcanizing agents BP and DCBP. Transfer molding vulcanization is a widely used process for processing silicone rubber materials. Compared with flat vulcanization with a single hole per mold, its advantages are short processing cycle and the ability o vulcanize complex rubber parts, especially those with inserts and pins. Compared with injection pressure vulcanization, the equipment cost is lower. Injectiion vulcanizatioon molded products can improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, reduce the amount of peroxide, improve the tear resistance of the product and improve the compression permanent deformation performance, but the shrinkage rate of the product is large.
  • Vulcanization of Extruded Products
    Methods such as steam pressure vulcanization, hot air continuous vulcanization,liquid vulcanization tank continuous vulcanization, drum vulcanization and radiation vulcanization can be used. The first 3 methods are more commonly used.

Two Stage Vulcanization
  • After a period of vulcanization of silicone rubber products, some low molecular substances will exist in he vulcanized rubber, affecting the performance of the products. For example, after a period of vulcanization of a rubber compound using a general-purpose vulcanizing agent, the amount of acidic substances decomposed by the vulcanizing agent will increase the porosity of the sponge pores and reduce the density; increase the density of the vulcanizing agent. The dosage will reduce the porosity of the sponge pores, increase density and produce thicker pore walls. In addition, the vulcanization temperature also has a great impact on the pores of the sponge.

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