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What Is HTV Silicone Rubber Used For? | JCT Machinery

December 04, 2023
What is htv silicone rubber used for?
  • 1. Electronic Industry
    HTV silicone rubber has extremely high and low temperature resistance and excellent electrical properties. Its performance remains essentially unchanged over a wide temperature range and electrical frequency range. This stability makes htv silicone rubber an ideal material for manufacturing electronic appliances. It is used in electrical connectors, electrical sealing and shock-absorbing parts, high-temperature resistant potentiometer seals, etc. At the same time, conductive connectors can be manufactured by adding conductive fillers to htv silicone rubber.
  • 2. Wires and Cables
    HTV silicone rubber is an ideal insulating material for the wire and cable industry. When htv silicone rubber burns and decomposes, the silica residue generated plays an important role in iinsuulation. HTV silicone rubber is widely used in power cables, ship cables, heating cables, ignition cables, atomic energy device cables and aviation wires.
  • 3. Automobile Industry
    HTV silicone rubber is used in a wide range of applications. For example, bushings, cushions, belts, protective covers, caps, seals, etc. near engines and transmissions need to withstand a temperature of 175℃ and some places even need to withstand temperatures above 300℃
  • 4. Aerospace
    Aircraft require the use of materials with long-term resistance to ultra-high and low temperatures, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy and other properties. HTV silicone rubber products used in these aricraft include various hoses, sealing washers, gaskets, cups, valves, anti-vibration parts, hot air ducts, switch sheaths, oxygen masks, fire partitions, instrument hoses, buffer pads, wires, cables, plugs, sockets, switch buttons, etc.
  • 5. Medical and Health Field
    HTV silicone rubber is non-toxic, has good biocompatibility, is not damaged by high temperatures and has good physical and mechanical properties, and is widely used in the medical industry. HTV silicone rubber can be used to manufacture various intubations, drainage tubes, plastic surgery and repair materials, drug suistained-release systems and biosensors for blood vessels. It can also be used to manufacture retinal implants, artifical heart spherical mitral valves, esophagus, trachea, etc.

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