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Features and Advantages of Horizontal Ribbon Mixer | JCT Machinery

December 06, 2023
Features and Advantages
  • 1. Convenient Cleaning
    It enables timely, convenient and rapid cleaning of the interior of the horizontal ribbon mixer for each batch and each shift without leaving any dead space.
  • 2. High Mixing Uniformity
    It can evenly mix materials with a ratio of 1:10,000, especially for materials with larger specific gravity characteristics.
  • 3. Fast Mixing Speed and High Efficiency
    Usually each batch of materials is fully mixed in 1-10 minutes, which is 6-10 times or higher than other mixers.
  • 4. Discharge Fast and Convenient
    Usually a batch of materials is discharged in 1 to 2 minutes.
  • 5. Large Loading Capacity
    Horizontal ribbon mixer usually has a loading capacity (loading factor) of more than 70%.
  • 6. Small Residual Amount
    Users always think that horizontal equipment has a large residual amount, but this is not the case. Because the gap between the outer screw belt and the U-shaped cylinder wall is very small during the processing, and the screw belt always remains when discharging. When is it running, the material moves towards the discharge valve, and basically all the material comes out.
  • 7. No Dust Leakage
    It meets the requirements of vacuum feeding and dust-free diacharging, and avoids dust flying during the entire feeding, mixing and discharging process.
  • 8. Maintain The Original State Of The Material
    The mixing process is gentle and the original state of the material is basically not destroyed.
  • 9. No Pollution To Materials
    The mixing mechanism of the horizontal ribbon mixer is integral, safe and reliable, and all edges and corners of the welds are smoothly transitioned and easy yo clean; the lubricating parts are all outside the barrel, and no dripping oil or abrasive debris penetrates into the material. Sealing operation to prevent dust in the air from entering the material.
  • 10. Low Requirements For Factory Buildings
    Horizontal ribbon mixer is horizontal, and various forms of driving devices and discharging positions can be selected arbitrarily, and are not restricted by the height of the factory building or the floor space.
  • 11. Not Easily Damaged And Easy To Maintain
    Horizonal ribbon mixer operates smoothly and reliably, has few wearing parts, has a long service life, and is easy to maintain and operate.

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