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Introduction Of Vertical Kneader | JCT Machinery

April 24, 2024
Vertical Kneader Working Principle
  • Rotating Paddle

  • There are multiple stirring paddles inside vertical kneader, usually arranged vertically. These paddles are fixed on a shaft and rotated by a motor. The rotating motion of the stirring paddle generates strong stirring forcem pushing the material up and down along the barrel wall to achieve mixing and kneading of the material.

    • Shearing

    • The rotation of stirring paddle also generates shear forces between materials, causing relative sliding and deformation of the materials. This shearing action helps break the agglomeration structure of materials and promotes the mixing and exchange of materials.

  • Pushing Effect

  • The rotation of the stirring paddle also produces a pushing effect, pushing the material upward from the bottom of the barrel, and generating prossure between the paddle and the barrel wall, causing the material to be squeezed and folded, thus accelerating the mixing and kneading process.

  • Circular Motion

  • The rotation of the stirring paddle will also cause the material to circulate, allowing the material to be fully mixed and kneaded throughout the barrel. Typically the material rises along the barrel wall to the top, then drops along the central axis to the bottom, and so on until the desired degree of mixing is achieved.

Why Are The Blades Of Vertical Kneader Different In Shape?
  • 1. Mixing Effects
    Blades with different shapes can produce different mixing effects. For example, one blade may has a larger mixing area for pushing material against the barrel wall, while another blade may has more cutting edges for cutting and mixing materials. With this combination, a more comprehensive and even mixing effect can be achieved.
  • 2. Shear Force
    Different shapes of blades can also produce different shear forces. One blade may has more transverse cutting edges, while another blade may has more longitudinal cutting edges. This design can increase the directionality of the shear force, thereby mor effectively breaking the agglomeration structure of the material and promoting the mixing and kneading of the material.
  • 3. Productivity
    By designing blades of different shapes, the production efficiency of vertical kneader can be improved. One blade may be dedicated to pushing material against the wall of the barrel, while another blade may be dedicated to pushing material from the bottomto the top of the barrel. Such a design enables a faster and more uniform mixing process, thereby increasing production efficiency.

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