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How To Improve The Sealing Performance Of Reactor? | JCT Machinery

March 14, 2024
What is high pressure reactor?

High pressure reactor mainly adopts a static sealing structure, and a magnetic coupling is used to connect the stirrer and the motor drive. Due to its non-contact transmission torque, the static seal is used instead of the dynamic seal, which can solve the leakage problem of stirring and make the entire medium and stirring components works in a completely sealed state. It is more suitable for stirring reactions with various flammable, explosive, highly toxic, precious media and other chemical media with strong penetration. It is an ideal leak-free reaction equipment for vulcanization, fluorination, hydrogenation and other reactions in petroleum, chemical industry, organic synthesis, polymer material polymerization, food and other processes.

How to improve the Sealing Performance of Reactor?
  • 1. We must consider the material silection of the reactor sealing ring and the rationality of installation, and the pressing force of the reactor must be sufficient. Furthermore, the high ppressure reactor can be shut down and re-aligned to ensure that the verticality is less than 0.5mm.

  • 2. For different models of high pressure reactors, the materials of the sealing rings used are different. All sealing rings of the reactor are embedded in the A-type double-line seal. According to the frequency of use of the reactor, it is generally replaced once every 2 years, unless the sealing component is damaged during operation and needs to be replaced in time.

  • 3. To improve the sealing effect of the reactor, the installation process can also be improved. The amount of interference in the reactor must also be appropriate, and the adhesive must be easy to use and strong.

  • 4. In addition, the sealing test of the high-pressure reactor can effectively test the sealing of the equipment and keep the equipment in good operating condition.

How to conduct a sealing test?
  • For heating and pressurizing sealing tests, the experimental media can be air, nitrogen or inert gases. Oxygen or other gases are prohibited.

  • Raising temperature and pressure must be done slowly. The heating rate shall not exceed 80℃/h. When testing pressure, connect the air inlet valve of the autoclave to the compressor (or high pressure pump). The pressure increase must be carried out in stages, with 20% working oressure as the distance, staying for 5 minutes at each level, and staying for 30 minutes when it reaches the test pressure to check the sealing condition. The experimental pressure is 100-105% of the working pressure.

  • If leakage is found during the high pressure reactor experiment, the pressure should be reduced first, and then the nuts and joints should be tightened appropriately. It is forbidden to tighten nuts and joints under high pressure.

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