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What is the principle of screw extrusion of horizontal kneader?

September 15, 2023

Horizontal kneader is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in the plastic processing industry. It is usually used in the process of screw extrusion of plastic materials. But do you know the principle of screw extrusion in a kneader?

Material feed

Plastic raw materials are put into the feed port of the horizontal kneader in the form of granules or powder. Raw materials are usually added to the silo automatically or manually.

Transfer and mix

The plastic raw material is transported to the working area of the horizontal kneader via a conveyor system, such as a screw conveyor. During this process, ingredients may be mixed to ensure uniformity.

heating and melting

As soon as the raw materials enter the working area of the horizontal kneader, the screw begins to rotate and the heating element begins to heat up. The rotation of the screw pushes the plastic raw material from one end to the other, and is subjected to high temperature during this process, causing the raw material to gradually melt.

screw extrusion

screw extrusion


Once the raw material is melted to a sufficient extent, it will be extruded out of the machine's outlet by the screw. This step is key to the entire process because it pushes the molten plastic to the next processing stage, usually a mold or extrusion head.

Shape and cooling

The extrusion outlet usually has the desired cross-sectional shape, which can be a tube, film, rod or other shape, depending on the product design. Once extruded, the plastic product passes through a cooling device, usually cooling water or cooling rollers, to quickly reduce the temperature and allow it to solidify.

cut and cut

Once the plastic product has cooled and solidified, it can be cut to the desired length by a shearing mechanism or cutting machine. This is a step performed based on the specifications and dimensions of the final product.

In summary, the working principle of horizontal kneader screw extrusion involves melting, extruding and forming the plastic raw material into the desired product shape. This process usually requires precise temperature control and screw rotation to ensure that the plastic material is heated, extruded and cooled evenly throughout the process to obtain high-quality extruded products. This process is widely used in the manufacture of plastic products, such as pipes, films, profiles, plates, etc.

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