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Working principle and blade type of vacuum kneader

September 11, 2023

I believe that the vacuum kneader is not uncommon for people in the chemical industry. It is a high-performance ideal equipment for shearing, mixing, and kneading of high-viscosity or ultra-high-viscosity materials. It is mainly composed of a pair of cooperating and The strong shearing and squeezing effects produced by the rotating blades make the materials mix quickly and evenly.

Several common blade forms of kneaders:

The fish tail type mixing paddle is suitable for kneading cellulose materials.

2. Z-shaped stirring paddle is also called simple stirring paddle. It has a simple shape and is used to disperse and mix pigments in resin under high viscosity conditions.

3. The cutting-type mixing paddle is the strongest mixing paddle, suitable for kneading ultra-high viscosity materials under high power and heavy load conditions. When using cutting-type mixing paddles, most of them adopt a tangential 

arrangement of two paddles. Applicable materials: rubber, iron oxide, magnetic recording materials, etc.

4. The Σ-type stirring paddle is the most general type. It is suitable for kneading operations that require large movements of external materials in the kneading and tank. It is mainly used for the overlapping arrangement of the two paddles, 

especially for squeeze and dehydration operations. In this case, it is most suitable to use a Σ-type stirring paddle. Applicable materials: printing ink, chocolate, carbon materials, etc.

vacuum kneader

Working principle of kneading machine:

It is an ideal equipment for kneading, mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing, and re-polymerizing various chemical products of high-viscosity slurry or elastic-plastic materials that cannot be processed by general powder mixers and liquid 

mixers. It has the characteristics of uniform mixing, no dead ends, The advantage of high kneading efficiency is that the material is scraped, stretched, folded and squeezed between the blades, groove walls and ridge-shaped protrusions. The 

material circulates from one end of the mixing paddle to the other end. The two mixing paddles are tangential. , and each rotates at different speeds to complete the kneading process. Just tilt the trough when discharging.

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