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Brief description of the production process of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive pillows:
1. Raw Material Preparation

Prepare necessary materials and tools such as hot melt collagen materials, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive pillow extrusion equipment, and molds. Common hot melt collagen materials include: EVA, PE, and PP. Depending on the required adhesiveness, heat resistance, and other properties, different additives may need to be added.

hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive storage            
2. Mixing and Heating

The hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive raw materials are usually in the form of granules or powders and are heated and mixed in mixing equipment. It is then fed to the extruder, heated to melting point and mixed by screw.

hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive reactor

3. Forming

Before leaving the extruder, the hot melt glue will pass through the filter and then be injected into the extrusion equipment. According to the different shapes and specifications of the product, the corresponding mold will be selected for processing to form a pillow colloid. Before starting extrusion, the temperature, speed, pressure and other parameters of the extrusion equipment need to be adjusted according to product requirements.

hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive package            
4. Cooling and Shaping

The pillow-shaped colloid passes through a cooling system, usually a cooling roller or a cooling conveyor belt, and is quickly cooled and solidified to maintain its shape and stability. After the pillow-shaped hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive cools and solidifies, it is cut to the required size.

hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive cooling            
  5. Quality Control

Quality control testing is performed throughout the production process to ensure that the hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive meets required specifications and performance requirements.

hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive pillow            

Company Advantages

hmpsa quality

Quality: The equipment is made of stainless steel, the appearance is mirror polished, and the vacuum box balance structure is adopted. The vacuum degree reaches -0.096 and the sealing quality is good.

hmpsa team

Team: Focus on the chemical equipment industry for more than 12 years, with more than 10 years of experience in the technical team!

hmpsa efficiency

Efficiency: Generally, the drawings can be produced in three days and the goods can be shipped in one month.

hmpsa customize

Can provide the entire production line design and production, plant specifications, reasonable customization, equipped with suitable machinery for you.

About Us

JCT Machinery was established in 2006 at Foshan China that specializes in design, manufacture, and supply of various industrial machinery and equipment, We offer a wide range of machinery for industries such as chemical,pharmaceutical, food processing, and cosmetics.

We have developed and designed cases with multiple partners around the world, our mission is focusing on providing reliable and efficient equipment for industrial processes.Taking a reputation for quality manufacturing, customization options, and excellent after-sales support is one of our goals.

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