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The overview of manufacturing process for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesie.
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Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Production Process
hmpsa product

Production Process

1.Storage tank


3.Vacuum system

4.Mold temperature machine

5.Discharge system

hmpsa reactor

Raw Material Addition ·

Mixing and Heating ·

Chemical Reactions ·

Degassing and Purging ·

Cooling and Discharge ·

hmpsa manual

Manual Feeding System

· Component Selection

· Preparation and Handling

· Mixing and Integration

· Quality control

hmpsa auto
Automatic Hot Melt Extrusion System

An automatic hot melt extrusion feeding system is a specialized equipment used in hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) manufacturing to automate the feeding and dosing of materials into the extrusion process. This system ensures a continuous and precise supply of adhesive components to the extruder, improving efficiency and consistency.

hmpsa vacuum
Vacuum System

A hot melt PSA vacuum system is a component used in the manufacturing process to create a vacuum or negative pressure environment. It is primarily employed for degassing purposes, removing air bubbles, and eliminating volatile components from the hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) formulation.

hmpsa control
Mold Temperature Machine

A hot melt PSA mold temperature machine, also known as a mold temperature controller or mold temperature control unit, is a specialized equipment used in the manufacturing process to regulate and maintain precise temperature control during the molding of hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). It ensures consistent and controlled cooling of the adhesive in the mold, optimizing the molding process.

hmpsa filter

A hot melt PSA bag filter is a filtration system used in the manufacturing process of hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). It is designed to remove impurities, contaminants, and particulate matter from the adhesive formulation, ensuring a clean and high-quality final product.

hmpsa packaging
Discharge/Packaging System

The hot melt PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) discharge/packaging system is a crucial component of the manufacturing process that facilitates the transfer of the adhesive from the production equipment to the final packaging containers. It ensures efficient, accurate, and controlled filling, sealing, and packaging of hot melt PSAs.

Application Of Hot Melt PSA Adhesive
hmpsa package                                            
Packaging: Block hot melt adhesive is commonly used in the packaging industry for sealing cartons, boxes, and other packaging materials. 
hmpsa book                                            
Bookbinding: The fast-setting properties of block hot melt adhesive make it ideal for bookbinding applications. It is used to bind the pages of a book together, providing a strong and durable bond.
hmpsa textile                    

Textile: Block hot melt glue is also used in the textile industry for applications such as fabric bonding and hemming. It can be used to bond a variety of fabrics, including polyester, nylon, and cotton.

hmpsa automotive                                            

Automotive: Block hot melt adhesive is used in the automotive industry for a variety of applications, including interior trim bonding, headlamp assembly, and under-the-hood applications. 

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