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Acidic silicone sealant production line
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Acetoxy Silicone Sealant Manufacturing Process

acidic silicone sealant production line
Acetoxy Silicone Sealant Manufacturing Process
silicone sealant feeding
Powder Feeding System

The powder feeding system for acidic silicone rubber involves the controlled delivery of powdered raw materials, such as silicone polymers, fillers, and additives, into the mixing vessel. The system typically consists of hoppers or silos for storage, feeders or augers for precise metering, and pneumatic or mechanical conveyors for transferring the powder to the mixing area. This system ensures accurate and consistent powder dosage, promoting uniform blending and quality control during the production of acidic silicone rubber.

silicone sealant storage
Raw Material Storage System

The Raw Material Storage System typically includes storage tanks, silos, or containers for holding silicone polymers, fillers, additives, and other ingredients. The system ensures proper organization and inventory control, minimizing the risk of contamination or spoilage. Safety measures such as labeling, segregation, and controlled access are implemented to maintain the quality and integrity of the raw materials. Efficient material handling equipment is utilized for loading and unloading operations, facilitating a smooth flow of materials to the production line.

Silicone Sealant Transit
Transit System

The Transit System for acidic silicone rubber involves the transportation of the product within the manufacturing facility. It includes conveyors, carts, or forklifts to move raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods between different stages of the production process. The system ensures efficient material flow, reducing bottlenecks and optimizing productivity. Safety measures, such as clear pathways and traffic control, are implemented to prevent accidents. 

silicone sealant Planetary Mixer
Planetary Mixer

The Planetary Mixer consists of a mixing bowl with multiple mixing blades that rotate on their own axis while orbiting around a central axis. This unique motion ensures thorough blending and dispersion of the raw materials, including silicone polymers, fillers, additives, and curing agents. The mixer's high shear forces and intensive mixing action result in a homogeneous and consistent mixture. The mixer is equipped with controls for adjusting speed, time, and temperature, allowing precise control over the mixing process.

silicone sealant Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press Machine

The Hydraulic Press Machine responsible for shaping and compressing the silicone rubber mixture into desired forms, such as sheets, blocks, or custom molds. The machine utilizes hydraulic force to apply pressure on the material, ensuring uniform distribution and consolidation. It is equipped with heated platens to provide the necessary temperature for curing the silicone rubber. The press machine is controlled through an operator interface, allowing precise control over parameters like pressure, temperature, and curing time. It enables efficient and accurate molding of acidic silicone rubber products with consistent quality and dimensional accuracy.

silicone sealant Chiller
Chiller System

The Chiller System is a crucial component in the production of acidic silicone rubber, serving to regulate and maintain optimal temperature conditions. It consists of a chiller unit that circulates chilled water or coolant through the production equipment, such as mixers or molds, to remove excess heat generated during the manufacturing process. The system helps to control the temperature of the silicone rubber, preventing premature curing or degradation. The chiller system is equipped with temperature control mechanisms and safety features to maintain a stable and controlled production environment for acidic silicone rubber.

silicone sealant Package
Automatic Packaging System

The Automatic Packaging System for acidic silicone rubber responsible for efficiently and accurately packaging the finished products. It typically includes automated machinery equipped with conveyors, weighing scales, filling mechanisms, and sealing equipment. The system is programmed to handle different packaging formats, such as bags, containers, or cartridges, based on specific customer requirements. It ensures precise filling of the acidic silicone rubber, minimizes waste, and maintains consistent product volume. The packaging system also incorporates labeling and coding mechanisms to provide essential product information.

Company Advantages
Silicone sealant building                                            
Construction and Building:  Acid silicone glue is commonly used for sealing and bonding joints in glass, aluminum, ceramic tiles, and other building materials. 
Silicone sealant electronic                                            
Electrical and Electronics: Acid silicone glue is often used for bonding and sealing electrical enclosures, junction boxes, connectors, and cables.
Silicone sealant plumb                                            
Plumbing and HVAC Systems:  Acid silicone glue is used for sealing and bonding pipes, fittings, and fixtures, providing a watertight and airtight seal. 
Silicone sealant house                                            
Household and DIY Projects: Acid silicone glue can be used for general sealing and bonding tasks, such as repairing leaks, sealing gaps around sinks, bathtubs, and showers, and adhering materials like glass, ceramics, and plastics.
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