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Acidic Silicone Sealant Manufacturing Process

acidic silicone sealant storage            
Raw Material Preparation

Prepare the main raw materials for acidic silicone sealant to ensure the quality and purity of the raw materials.

Mixing and Preprocessing

The raw materials are accurately weighed according to the specific recipe and fed into the mixer. In the mixer, the raw materials are stirred and mixed to ensure even distribution.

acidic silicone sealant tank            

acidic silicone sealant transfer            
Send the mixed raw materials into the reaction kettle. In the reactor, the raw materials are heated and reacted, usually at high temperatures, to promote the reaction of the silicone resin with the acidic catalyst to form a silicone sealant.

Cooling and Solidify
After the heating reaction is complete, cool the silicone sealant to room temperature. During this process, the sealant begins to cure but may take longer to fully cure, depending on the type and formulation of the product.
acidic silicone sealant cool            

acidic silicone sealant package            
Filling and Packaging

The cured acidic silicone sealant is fed into the filling machine to fill pipes, pipe heads or packaging containers. During this process, ensure that the packaging of the sealant is sterile and sealed to prevent impurities and contamination.

Quality Control

Strict quality control testing is performed, including physical property testing, color determination, viscosity testing, rheology testing, etc. to ensure products meet specifications.

acidic silicone sealant mixer            

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