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Sigma Blade Mixer Working | JCT Machinery

December 04, 2023
sigma mixer
Sigma Blade Mixer Working Principle

Sigma blade mixer is a commonly used industrial equipment, mainly used for mixing and kneading materials. Its working principle is based on mechanical movement and material properties.

1. Principle of mechanical motion: sigma blade mixer usually consists of motors, gears, transmission shafts, blades and other components. The motor provides power and transmits the power to the paddles through gears and transmission shafts. The paddles rotate, cut and knead the materials.

2. Physical properties of materials: Sigma blade mixer are mainly used to process powdery or granular materials, such as flour, rubber, plastics, etc. The material is cut and rotated by the blades in the kneader, resulting in shearing, squeezing and friction, causing collision and mixing between the material particles, thereby achieving kneading and processing of the material.

Sigma Blade Mixer Application Areas

  • Food Processing
    Sigma blade mixer is widely used in the food processing industry for making dough, shewing gum, etc. It can fully mix the raw materials to give them a soft texture and uniform taste.
  • Rubber Industry
    Sigma blade mixer is used in the rubber industry for mixing and processing of rubber. It can fully mix rubber raw materials and additives to improve the strength, elasticity and wear resistance of rubber.
  • Plastic Processing
    Sigma blade mixer is widely used in the plastic processing industry for melting. mixing and extrusion of plastics. It can heat and melt plastic particles and thoroughly mix them with additives.
  • Chemical Industry
    Sigma blade mixers are used in the chemical industry for mixing and processing various powdery or granular materials. For example, it is used to make chemical products such as pigments, coatings and dyes.
  • Construction Materials
    Sigma blade mixer is used in the construction materials industry to make mortar, gypsum board and other materials. It can thoroughly mix cement, sand and other additives to give construction materials a uniform texture and good strength.

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