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What We Have Been Done For Production Safety? | JCT Machinery

July 10, 2024

1. Improvement of Structural Design

  1. 1.1 Strengthen the Design of Pressure Vessels

  2. • Use high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or alloy steel, to manufacture reactors.

  3. 1.2 Add Safety Valves and Bursting Discs

  4. • Install appropriate safety valves and bursting discs to ensure that pressure can be released in time when overpressure occurs to prevent explosion accidents.

  5. 1.3 Improve the Reliability of Mixing System

  6. • Select high-quality agitators and seals to prevent safety accidents caused by agitator failure.

  7. • Set up an overload protection device for the agitator to prevent the agitator from being damaged due to overload.

2. Material Selection

2.1 Corrosion-resistant Materials

• According to the properties of the reaction medium, select appropriate corrosiom-resistant materials, such as Hastelloy, titanium alloy, Teflon coating, etc., to prevent reactor from leaking or rupturing due to corrosion.

2.2 High-temperature and High-pressure Materials

• For reactors that need to operate under high temperature and high pressure, materials with high temperature and high pressure tolerance should be selected to ensure the stabiliy of the materials under extreme conditions.

3. Control System Optimization

3.1 Automatic Control System

• Install advanced automatic control systems, including PLC, to achieve automatic monitoring and adjustment of the reaction process.

• The system should have real-time monitoring functions for parameters such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, stirring speed, etc., and be able to alarm and take measures in time.

3.2 Safety Interlock System

• Set up safety interlock deviices to ensure that the reaction can be automatically stopped and safety measures can be initiated in the event of abnormal conditions.

• The safety interlock system should be linked with safety valves, brusting discs, agitator overload protection and other equipment to ensure comprehensive protection.

4. Operation Process Specification

4.1 Develop Operating Provedures

• Develop detailed operating procedures, including pre-startup inspection, operation process monitoring, shutdown operation, etc., to ensure that each operation step has clear instructions.

• Regularly train operators to ensure that they are familiar with operating procedures and emergency response measures.

4.2 Regular Inspection and Maintenance

• Regularly inspect and maintain the reactor and its ancillary equipment to promptly detect and deal with potential problems.

• The inspection content should include pressure vessel inspection, seal inspection, safety valve and bursting disc testing, agitator maintenance, etc.

4.3 Emergency Plan

• Develop an emergency plan for the operatioon of reactor, and clarify the handling steps and division of responsibilities in the event of leaks, overpressure, overheating and other emergencies.

• Conduct emergency drills regularly to improve the emergency response capabilities of operators.

5. Environmental Protection and Safety Measures

5.1 Environmental Protection Facilities

• Install waste gas and waste liquid treatment equipment to ensure that harmful substances generated during the reaction are effectively treated to prevent environmental pollution.

• Use closed operation to reduce the leakage of harmful gases.

5.2 Explosion-proof Measures

• For processes with explosion hazards, explosion-proof measures should be taken, such as installing explosion-proof electrical equipment, setting up explosion-proof walls and safe distances.

• Equip with necessary fire-fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, etc.

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