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Mechanical Knowledge Of Double Planetary Mixer | JCT Machinery

July 11, 2024

gear transmission

1. Transmission Efficiency and Reliability

Gear Transmission
• High Transmission Efficiency: The efficiency of gear transmission is usually above 98%, and the mechanical loss is low.
• High Reliability: Gear transmission structure is compact, and the meshing bettween gears during the transmission process ensures the continuity and stability of power transmission.

Synchronous Belt Transmission
• Low Transmission Efficiency: The efficiency of synchronous belt transmission is generally around 95%, which is slightly lower than that of gear transmission.
• Relatively Low Reliability: The synchronous belt may become loose or slip during operation, affecting the stability of the transmission.

2. Carrying Capacity

Gear Transmission
• High Carrying Capacity: Gear transmission can withstand large torque and load, suitable for high-load, high-ontensoty industrial applications.
• Adapt to High Torque: Especially in equipment such as double planetary mixer that needs to handle high-viscosity and high-density materials, gear transmission can provide sufficient power.

Synchronous Belt Transmission
• Lower Carrying Capacity: The carrying capacity of synchronous belts is limited and is not suitable for ultra-high load applications.
• Limited Torque Transmission: When mixing high-viscosity materials, synchronous belt transmission drives may not be able to provide sufficient torque.

synchronous belt transmission

gear box

3. Maintenance and Life

Gear Transmission
• Long Life: Gear transmission systems are usually made of wear-resistant materials and high-precision processing, and have a long life.
• Less Maintenance: In addition to regular lubrication, the maintenance requirements of gear transmission are low.

Synchronous Belt Transmission
• Relatively Short Life: Synchronous belts are prone to wear and aging due to material problems, and have a relatively short life.
• Frequent Maintenance: Synchronous belts need to be regularly inspected and replaced, and maintenance work is more.

4. Accuracy and Stability

Gear Transmission
• High Accuracy: Gear transmission has good transmission accuracy and stability, and can accurately control the stirring speed and torque.
• Strong Stability: Gear transmission has good rigidity and almost no elastic deformation during operation, ensuring the stability of power transmission.

Synchronous Belt Transmission
• Relatively Low Accuracy: Synchronous belt may have a certain elastic deformation during the transmission process, affecting the transmission accuracy.
• Poor Stability: Under high load and high speed operation, the stability of belt transmission is poor.

planetary mixer

  • The advantages of gear transmission in double planetary mixers are mainly reflected  in high transmission efficiency, high load capacity, long life, less maintenance, high precision and high stability. It is suitable for industrial applications that require high reliability and high performance.

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