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Automated Production Of Pillows Hot Melt Glue | JCT Machinery

June 03, 2024

Automated Pillows Hot Melt Glue Production Line Process
  • 1. Raw Material Preparation and Transportation

  • The hot melt glue raw materials are transported to the mixing reactor through the automatic feeder and conveying system.

  • 2. Mixing and Reaction

  • In the reactor, hot melt glue raw materials are mixed and heated to form a uniform hot melt glue liquid.

  • 3. Extrusion Molding

  • Hot melt glur liquid is extruded through the extruder to form a continuous glue strip.

  • 4. Cooling and Curing

  • Glue strip passes through the cooling system and is quickly cooled and cured.

  • 5. Cutting Into Pillows

  • The cooled and cured adhesive strips are cut into pillows according to the set length by the cutting machine.

  • 6. Packaging and Storage

  • The cut pillows hot melt glue are packaged by the packaging machine and then transported to the warehouse.

hot melt glue pillow production line

Advantages of Automated Pillows Hot Melt Glue production line
  • 1. High Efficiency

  • Fully automated pillows hot melt glue production line can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted production, greatly increasing production.

  • 2. Consistency and Quality Control

  • Automated equipment accurately conrols each production link to ensure the consistency and high quality of each batch of products.

  • 3. Saving Labor Costs

  • Automated equipment reduces dependence on manual operations, reduces labor costs and human error rates.

  • 4. Flexibility

  • Modern automated pillows hot melt glue production line usually has flexible adjustment capabilities and can quickly switch between production of products of different specifications and models.

  • 5. Data Management and Traceability

  • Advanced automation systems can record and analyze production data. facilitating production management and quality traceability.

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