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Vacuum Planetary Mixer In The Field Of New Energy | JCT Machinery

June 04, 2024
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    Slurry preparation is the first process in lithium battery production. The mixing process has a great impact on the quality of the product in the entire production process of lithium-ion batteries and is the most important link in the entire production process. Whether the battry slurry is well dispersed directly affects the battery's cycle and rate performance, and even safety. In addition to the battery material itself, whether the battery slurry is well dispersed will also affect its performance to a considerable extent, especially for some materials with poor conductivity.

As the market share of new energy vehicles continues to rise year by year, the development of new energy battery industry is gaining momentum, and its demand and requirements for battery slurry production equipment are also increasing.

vacuum planetary mixer

JCT Machinery
As a company that manufactures front-end equipment for new energy battery slurry, JCT Machinery has been committed to ensuring the refined improvement of the mixing stage. Relying on in-depth research and development and innocation, it improves equipment performance and improves slurry quality through refined design of multiple links such as paddle design, vacuum treatment, shaft temperature control, oil and leakage prevention, and dispersion disk treatment.

Vacuum planetary mixer plays a key role in battery manufacturing process by providing efficient and uniform mixing, ensuring the performance and consistency of battery materials, helping to improve the overall quality and service life of the battery.

Main Applications of Vacuum Planetary Mixer
  • 1. Lithium-ion Battery Slurry Preparation

  • Including the mixing of positive electrode slurry and negative electrode slurry.

  • 2. Electronic Slurry

  • Vacuum planetary mixer can be used for mixing high-performance electronic materials such as conductive paste and solder paste.

  • 3. Ceramic Slurry

  • Vacuum planetary mixer can be used for powder mixing and dispersion in ceramic manufacturing.

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