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What is the difference between a planetary mixer and a powerful disperser?

September 07, 2023

Planetary mixer and powerful disperser, these two, I believe everyone is familiar with them, because for the production of most chemical and various industries, these two devices are multi-functional essentials, because their own 

functions can Said to be complementary, according to its structure and function, it can be applied to many fields, especially paste-like and high-viscosity ones.

Next, I will mainly explain the difference between the planetary mixer and the powerful disperser. You can see that one is a mixing function and the other is a dispersion function. The difference is simple and obvious.

The planetary mixer is a multi-functional planetary mixing equipment. There are three stirring shafts and a scraping bottom structure in the kettle, which makes the materials move in a complicated way in the kettle, and is subjected to strong 

shearing and kneading, making the effect more obvious. . The powerful disperser is a multi-functional mixing equipment. There are two high-speed dispersing discs and a mountain-shaped scraping bottom in the kettle, which makes the 

materials move in a complex way in the kettle and makes the mixing effect more ideal.

planetary mixerpowerful disperser

Planetary mixer                                                                                                                                      powerful disperser

In terms of application, the planetary mixer is suitable for chemical industry, light industry, food, battery, pharmaceutical, building materials, as well as ink, pigment, adhesive, sealant, sealant ointment, pasty material, grease, paint, paste 

cosmetics, additives Things, etc.; while the strong dispersing machine is mainly used in silicone sealants, adhesives, cosmetics, chemical products, batteries, food, pharmaceuticals and plastics industries and other industries.

As mixing and dispersing equipment, the two devices are different in structure, but relatively speaking, the products made by the two are relatively interoperable. It can only be said that the applicability is so good, so everyone should pay

 attention to product characteristics when selecting models. , Different products should be selected according to different functions, which is also helpful for production efficiency and quality.

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