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Why a vacuum system is needed in the bulk hot melt adhesive production line?

June 09, 2023

JCT vacuum system is commonly used in bulk hot melt adhesive production lines for several reasons:

vacuum system

Removal of Moisture: Many hot melt adhesives are sensitive to moisture, and the presence of moisture can negatively affect their performance. By incorporating a vacuum system, the production line can effectively remove moisture from the adhesive formulation and prevent any quality issues that may arise due to moisture contamination.

Degassing: Hot melt adhesive formulations often contain volatile components or air bubbles trapped within the mixture. These trapped gases can cause problems such as inconsistent adhesive application or weak adhesive bonds. The vacuum system helps to remove these gases by creating a low-pressure environment, allowing them to escape and ensuring a more homogenous and bubble-free adhesive formulation.

Enhanced Adhesive Properties: Vacuum processing can improve the adhesive properties of hot melt adhesives. Under vacuum conditions, the adhesive can achieve better wetting and penetration on various substrates, leading to improved bonding strength and performance.

Increased Efficiency: The use of a vacuum system can optimize the production process by reducing the adhesive's viscosity. Lowering the viscosity allows for easier handling, pumping, and application of the adhesive, resulting in increased production efficiency.

Quality Control: Vacuum systems are also employed to ensure consistent and reliable adhesive quality. By creating a controlled vacuum environment, manufacturers can minimize variations in adhesive composition, eliminate impurities, and maintain tight process control throughout the production line.

Overall, the vacuum system plays a crucial role in hot melt adhesive production lines by enabling moisture removal, degassing, improving adhesive properties, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring consistent quality.

hot melt adhesive production line vacuum system

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