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Under what circumstances is it better to choose a neutral silicone sealant production line? | JCT Machinery

June 12, 2023

Choosing a neutral silicone glue production line may be preferable under the following circumstances:

silicone sealant production line

Compatibility with Various Substrates: Neutral silicone glues are known for their versatility and compatibility with a wide range of substrates. If you anticipate working with diverse materials such as glass, metal, ceramics, or plastics, a neutral silicone glue production line would be a suitable choice. It offers excellent adhesion to various surfaces without causing damage or corrosion.

Sensitivity to Acetic Acid: Some materials, such as certain metals or electronics components, are sensitive to acetic acid, which is released during the curing process of acetoxy-based silicone glues (also known as acid-cure silicone glues). In such cases, a neutral silicone glue production line is preferable since it does not release acetic acid during curing, reducing the risk of damage to sensitive components or substrates.

Reduced Odor and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Neutral silicone glues typically have lower odor levels compared to acetoxy-based silicone glues, which emit a vinegar-like smell due to the acetic acid byproduct. If you prioritize a production line with reduced odor and VOC emissions, choosing a neutral silicone glue production line can provide a more pleasant working environment and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Enhanced UV Resistance: Neutral silicone glues often possess better resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation compared to other types of silicone adhesives. If your application involves outdoor or prolonged exposure to sunlight, a neutral silicone glue production line can provide increased durability and resistance to UV degradation, preventing color fading, yellowing, or loss of adhesion over time.

Chemical Resistance Requirements: Neutral silicone glues generally exhibit good chemical resistance, making them suitable for applications where the adhesive will be exposed to chemicals, solvents, or harsh environments. If your production line involves bonding substrates in environments with chemical exposure, a neutral silicone glue production line would be a preferable choice.

It is essential to consider specific application requirements, such as curing time, flexibility, temperature resistance, and elongation capabilities, when selecting a production line. Conducting thorough research, testing, and consultation with adhesive experts can help determine whether a neutral silicone glue production line is the optimal choice for your specific needs.

neutral silicone sealant production line

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