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Sigma Mixer Design & Operation | JCT Machinery

November 15, 2023
  • Sigma Blades

  • The sigma mixer features two sigma-shaped blades that rotate on parallel axes but in opposite directions. These blades resemble the Greek letter "∑", hence the name.

  • Mixing Chamber

  • The mixing chamber, also called the trough or bowl, is typically a jacketed vessel. The jacket allows for temperature control during sigma mixer working.

  • Jacket for Heating or Cooling

  • The jacketed vessel enables the introduction of heating or cooling media to maintain the desired temperature during mixing.

  • Tilting Mechanism

    • Many sigma mixers are designed with a tilting mechanism that allows the mixing chamber to be tilted for discharge of the mixed material after the mixing process.

  • Pressure and Vacuum Options

  • Some sigma mixers are equipped with options for applying pressure or vacuum conditions, which can be useful for specific processing requirements, such as degassing or handling reactive materials.

sigma mixer

Sigma Mixer Operation
  • Mixing Action

  • The sigma blades rotate in opposite directions, effectively kneading and folding the material. This counter-rotating action provides intense mixing and kneading, ensuring thorough dispersion and uniform blending of the components.

  • Temperature Control

  • The jacketed vessel allows for the control of the mixing temperature. Heating or cooling media is circulated through the jacket to maintain the desired temperature throughout the sigma mixer working.

  • Variable Speed Control

  • The sigma mixer's variable speed control allows the operator to adjust the mixing speed according to the specific requirements of the materials. Different speeds can influence the intensity of mixing and the time required for the process.

  • Discharge

  • After the mixing process is complete, the sigma mixer's tilting mechanism is used to discharge the mixed material from the trough.

  • Cleaning

  • Cleaning the sigma mixer is an essential part of the operation. The tilting mechanism may assist in providing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

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