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Ribbon Mixer | JCT Machinery

July 05, 2024
Structure of Ribbon Mixer
  • 1. Body

  • Usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel, with the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high strength.

  • 2. Screw Ribbon

  • Ribbon mixer consists of two layers of inner and outer ribbons. The inner layer pushes the material from both sides to the center, and the outer layer pushes the material from the center to both sides to form convection mixing.

  • 3. Drive Device

  • Includes motor, reducer and transmission mechanism to provide the power required for the rotation of the screw ribbon.

  • 4. Discharging Device

  • Located at the bottom or side of ribbon mixer, usually manual or pneumatic valve for easy unloading.

  • 5. Sealing Device

  • In the bearing and transmission parts, prevent material leakage and dust from entering.

  • 6. Bracket and Base

  • Support the entire ribbon mixer and provide a stable operating platform.

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Ribbon Mixer Working Principle
The working principle of ribbon mixer is to push and convectively mix the materials inside the machine body through the rotation of the double-layer ribbon. The inner and outer ribbons rotate in opposite directions, so that the materials form a spiral flow and convective mixing and the mixing tank, thereby achieving a uniform mixing effect.
Main Features of Ribbon Mixer
1. Efficient Mixing: Double-layer spiral ribbon design can quickly achieve uniform mixing of materials, suitable for mixing powders with powders and powders with liquids.
2. High Mixing Uniformity: Through convection and shearing, the materials can be evenly mixed in a short time.
3. Compact Structure: The horizontal design saves space and is suitable for installation and operation in limited space.
4. Simple Operation: Equipped with an electronic control system, it is easy to operate and maintain.
5. Good Sealing: Prevents material leakage, suitable for handling toxic, harmful or precious materials.
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  • Q
    Maintenance of Ribbon Mixer
    1. Regular Cleaning: Clean the inside and outside of ribbon mixer in time after use to prevent material residue and contamination.
    2. Check Lubrication: Check and replace lubricating oil regularly to keep the transmission parts in good lubrication condition.
    3. Check Seals: Check the sealing device regularly to prevent material leakage and dust from entering.
    4. Check Electronic Control System: Check the wiring and control components of the electronic control system regularly to ensure the reliability of operation.
    5. Regular Maintenance: Perform comprehensive maintenance regularly according to the usage to ensure the normal operation of ribbon mixer and extend its service life.

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