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Hydraulic Lifting Double Planetary Mixer | JCT Machinery

July 08, 2024
Main Component of Hydraulic Lifting System
  • 1. Hydraulic Pump

  • Provide pressure oil for the hydraulic system, generally using an electric hydraulic pump

  • 2. Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy to achieve lifting and lowering movements. The hydraulic cylinder includes a cylinder body, a piston, a piston rod and other parts.

  • 3. Hydraulic Oil Tank

  • Store hydraulic oil and proviide oil source for the hydraulic pump.

  • 4. Hydraulic Control Valve

  • Adjust the flow and pressure of the hydraulic oil to control the movement direction and speed of the hydraulic cylinder.

  • 5. Pipeline System

  • Connect the hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder and control valve to transport hydraulic oil.

  • 6. Electronic Control System

  • Control the hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve through electrical control devices (such as buttons, switches, PLC, etc.) to achieve automatic control of the hydraulic system.

  • 7. Safety Device

  • Includes pressure gauges, overflow valves, safety valves, etc. to prevent system overpressure and protect the safety of equipment and operators.

planetary mixer drawing

Working Principle of Hydraulic Lifting System

1. Hydraulic Pump Generates Pressure: Hydraulic pump extracts hydraulic oil from the oil tank and pressurizes it to the hydraulic cylinder.
2. Hydraulic Cylinder Movement: Hydraulic oil enters the hydraulic cylinder, and the pressure of the hydraulic oil pushes the piston rod up and down.
3. Gantry Lifting: Piston rod is connected to the gantry, and the movement of the piston rod drves the gantry and the agitator installed on the gantry to lift and lower.
4. Control System: The flow and direction off hydraulic oil can be accurately controlled through the hydraulic control valve and the electronic control system, so as to achieve accurate lifting and lowering of the agitator.

Advantages of Hydraulic Lifting System

1. Precise Control: The hydraulic system can accurately control the lifting position of the mixer to adapt to different process requirements.
2. Smooth Movement: The hydraulic llifting system moves smoothly without impact, protecting equipment and product quality.
3. High loda caoacity: The hydraulic system has a high load capacity and isi suitable for large-capacity doub planetary mixers.
4. Safe and Reliable: Equipped with safety devices to ensure safe and reliable operation.
hydraulic planetary mixer             

planetary mixer

Maintenance of Hydraulic System

1. Check Hydraulic Oil Regularly: Keep the hydraulic oil clean and at the proper oil level, and replace aging or contaminated hydraulic oil in time.
2. Check Hydraulic Pipelines: Regularly check the connection and sealing of hydraulic pipelines to prevent oil leakage.
3. Maintain Hydraulic Cylinders: Regularly check the seals and piston rods of hydraulic cyliniders to maintain good lubrication.
4. Check the Electronic Control System: Regularly check the wiring and control system to ensure the reliability of the control system.

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