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Horizontal Ribbon Mixer: Putty Powder Manufacturing Equipment | JCT Machinery

March 21, 2024
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What is putty powder?
Putty powder is a kind of building decoration material, and its main ingredients are talcum powder and glue. It is a base material used for wall repair and leveling. Putty powder is divided into two types: interior walls and exterior walls. Exterior wall putty has to resist wind and sun, so it has strong adhesive properties, high strength, and a slightly lower environmental index. The comprehensiive index of interior wall putty is good, healthy and environmentally friendly.
Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Working Principle
The materials of various components enter the horizontal ribbon mixer after calculation according to the formula proportion, and the materials are mixed under the push of the belt-shaped spiral blades. The outer spiral belt pushes the material from one end to the other, and the inner spiral belt makes the material move in the opposite direction. The inner layer of material is pushed to one side and rolls inward and outward, and the outer layer of material is pushed to the other side and the rolls from the inside out. Rolling from outside to inside. During the convection process, the two material flows penetrate each other and mix. They are mixed again during the tumbling process on both sides. This is repeated many times. Finally, the uniformly mixed material is discharged from the discharge door through the discharge control mechanism out.
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Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Features
  • 1. Horizontal ribbon mixer adopts a horizontal cylinder structure, with smooth operation, no noise, no dust pollution, long service life and easy installation.

  • 2. Horizontal ribbon mixer uses multi-layer ribbon mixing, no dead ends, good sealing effect, fast mixing speed and high uniformity.

  • 3. It is equipped with a spiral lifting device, and the feeding port is flush with the ground, making it easy to feed.

  • 4. The horizontal body of the mixer is equipped with a movable door, making cleaning more convenient.

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