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Double Planetary Mixer For Photovoltaic Adhesive Manufacture | JCT Machinery

July 03, 2024
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    What is photovoltaic adhesive?
    Photovoltaic adhesive is a bonding and encapsulation material specially used in phoovoltaic modules, and is widely used in the manufacturing process of photovoltaic cells (solar cells). Photovoltaic adhesive has excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, bonding strength and electrical insulation properties, ensuring the stability and reliability of photovolatic modules in long-term use.
Types of Photovoltaic Adhesive
  • 1. EVA Adhesive Film

  • Use: As an encapsulation material between photoltaic cells and glass and backplane.

  • Features: Good transparency, flexibility, weather resistance and UV resistance, which can effectively protect the cells.

  • 2. POE Adhesive Film

  • Use: Similar to EVA adhesive film, but with better weather resistance and moisture resistance.

  • Features: Higher heat resistance and moisture resistance, suitable for more demanding environmental conditions.

  • 3. Silicone Adhesive

  • Use: Used for frame sealing, junction box sealing, etc. of photovoltaic modules.

  • Features: Excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, bonding strength and elasticity.

  • 4. Polyurethane Adhesive

  • Use: Mainly used for sealing and bonding of photovoltaic modules.

  • Features: Excellent bonding performance, flexibility and weather resistance, suitable for long-term outdoor use.

photovoltaic glue            
Characteristics of Photovoltaic Adhesive
1. High Transparency: Ensure high photoelectric conversion efficiency of photovoltaic modules.
2. High Bonding Strength: Provide strong bonding to ensure structural stability of modules.
3. Weather Resistance: Can resist the influence of environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, moisture, heat, etc. for a long time, and ensure the service life of photovoltaic modules.
4. Electrical Insulation Performance: Ensure the electrical safety of photovoltaic modules.
5. Environmental Protection: Meet environmental protection requirements, safe and non-toxic, and do not pollute the environment.

JCT Machinery double planetary mxier is equipped with two planetary agitators, which rotate around a fixed central axis, and each agitator also rotates on its own. Such a motion trajectory makes the material experience strong sheat forxe and convextion in the mixer, ensuring uniform mixing and efficient dispersion of the material. Double planetary mixer can also be equipped with a high-speed dispersion disc, which is very suitable for mixing high-viscosity, low-fluidity materials.
vacuum planetary mixer            
Double Planetary Mixer in Photovoltaic Adhesive Production
  • 1. Raw Material Mixing

  • Function: Evenly mix the basic raw materials of photovoltaic adhesive.

  • Advantages: Double planetary mixer can handle high viscosity materials, ensure uniform composition, and avoid agglomeration and stratification.

  • 2. Additive Dispersion

  • Function: Evenly disperse additives such as fillers, pigments and flame retardants.

  • Advantages: High shear force can effectively disperse solid particles, prevent agglomeration, and ensure uniform distribution of additives.

  • 3. Vacuum Degassing

  • Function: Remove bubbles during the mixing process to improve the purity and transparency of the photovoltaic adhesive.

  • Advantages: Double planetary mixer can be equipped with a vacuum system to mix under vacuum to ensure no bubbles and improve product quality.

  • 4. Temperature Control Mixing

  • Function: Ensure that the materials are mixed at a suitable temperature by controlling the mixing temperature.

  • Advantages: The temperature control system can accurately control the temperature during the mixing process to ensure the stability and consistency of the product.

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