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What Is Reactor Condenser? | JCT Machinery

May 05, 2024
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    What is reactor condenser?
    Reactor condenser is a commonly used device in industrial production. It is used to process gas, steam or volatile substances generated in chemical reactions to ensure the safety of the production environment and improve the recovery rate and purity of reaction products.
Reactor Condenser Structure
  • 1. Reactor Condenser Pipe or Tube Bundle

  • There is a set of pipes or tube bundles inside the reactor condenser tube, usually made of metal, used to guide reaction gases, steam or volatile substances into the cooling medium for cooling and condensation.

  • 2. Cooling Medium Circulation System

  • Condensation pipe of reactor is usually connected to a circulation system of cooling medium, which can be cold water, cooling liquid or other cooling media. The cooling medium flows through the pipes or tube bundles in the condenser, contacts the reaction gas and absorbs its heat, causing it to cool and condense into a liquid state.

  • 3. Condenser Shell

  • Reactor condenser tube shell is the outer shell of the condenser. It is used to isolate the cooling medium from the reaction gas and provide support and protection. It is usually made of metal and has corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

  • 4. Export and Discharge System

  • The condensed liquid product can be discharged through the outlet at the bottom of reactor condenser tube for subsequent recovery or treatment. Discharge systems typically include components such as valves, piprs and collection vessels.

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Function of Reactor Condenser
1. Cooling reaction gas
2. Recycle volatile materials
3. Prevent gas leakage
4. Control reaction temperature

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