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Triple Shaft Mixer For Liquid Silicone Rubber Making | JCT Machinery

May 06, 2024
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    What is liquid silicone rubber?
    Liquid silicone is a polymer material with siloxane as the main component. It has a wide range of applications, including mold making, sealing materials, lubricants, electronic equipment packaging, medical equipment, food-grade molds, handicraft production, etc. Its excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and chemical stability make liquid silicone widely used in industry and life.
powerful dispersing mixer
Triple shaft mixer is suitable for liquid silicone rubber making.
Why Triple Shaft Mixer Can Be Used To Manufactured Liquid Silicone Rubber?
  • 1. Efficient Mixing and Dispersion

  • Liquid silicone rubber production process usually involves thorough mixing and dispersing of various raw materials to ensure the uniformity and stability of the final product. Triple shaft mixer has high speed stirring and shearing functions, which can effectivelt mix and disperse various ingredients such as powders, liquids and solids, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality.

  • 2. Particle Refinement

  • In the production process of liquid silicone rubber, the silicone rubber particles need to be refined and evenly dispersed in the solvent or matrix. Triple shaft mixer can effectively disperse and refine the silica gel particles through high-speed stirring and shearing, improving its surface activity and usability.

  • 3. Increase Production Capacity

  • Triple shaft mixer usually has larger capacity and high-speed mixing power, and can handle a large amount of raw materials at one time, thereby improving production efficiency and capacity. This is very important for industrial production lines that produce liquid silicone rubber on a large scale.

  • 4. Accelerate the Reaction Process

  • During the production process of liquid silicone rubber, different chemical components may need to be mixed and reacted. The high-speed stirring and shearing action of triple shaft mixer can accelerate the reaction process, improve reaction efficiency, and ensure the uniformity and stability of the reaction product.

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