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Additives In Silicone Sealant Making | JCT Machinery

April 30, 2024
Silicone Sealant Production Line Turnkey Project
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    Additives In Neutral Silicone Sealant Making
    White carbon black is a high surface area filler with many microscopic particles and pore structures. When preparing neutral silicone sealant, white carbon black is added to improve its performance and is usually used as a filler.
The Role of White Carbon Black
  • 1. Control Rheology

  • Adding white carbon black can adjust the rheology of neutral silicone sealant so that it has appropriate fluidity and extrudability, making it easier to handle during construction.

  • 2. Improve Anti-aging Properties

  • White carbon black can help reduce the aging rate of neutral silicone sealant, extend its service life, and enhance its resistance to ultraviolet rays, oxidation and chemical corrosion.

  • 3. Filling Effect

  • As a filler, white carbon black is filled into the structure of silicone sealant, which can fill the gaps between colloids and increase the compactness of the colloid. This filling effect reduces the formation of cracks and defects, thus improving the overall mechanical strength of silicone sealant.

  • 4. Increased Stretch Resistanct

  • High surface area and microstructure of white carbon black provide more friction area, making the silicone sealant more resistant to stretch. This means that when stressed, white carbon black filled silicone sealant can better resist rensile stress, thus increasing its mechanical strength.

  • 5. Wear Resistance

  • The hardness and filling effect of white carbon black can improve the wear risistance of silicone sealant. White carbon black filled silicone sealant is more difficult to damage when exposed to friction of abrasion because the filler protects and supports it, thereby extending the life of silicone sealant.


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    Additives In Acidic Silicone Sealant Making
    Acidic silicone sealant do not require the addition of white carbon black. Acidic silicone sealant releases acetic acid or other acidic substances during the curing process. These acids can react with moisture in the air to form siloxane bonds, causing the silicone sealant to solidify.
    Calcium powder is mainly used for the cross-linking reaction of silicone sealant. Its function is to promote the reaction of alcohol groups and hydroxyl functional groups in silicone sealant with each other, thereby forming a three-dimensional network structure and enhancing the strength and hardness of silicone sealant.
Commonly Used Types of Calcium Powder
  • 1. Luoyang Lime Powder

  • Luoyang lime powder is produced from limestone calcined at high temperature. In the production of silicone sealant, Luoyang lime powder can be used as both a cross-linking agent and a catalyst to enhance the cross-linking reaction speed of silicone sealant.

  • 2. Barite

  • Barite is a mineral containing calcium, sulfur, oxygen, carbon and other elements. It is one of the commonly used calcium powders in silicone sealant. Barite can not only promote the cross-linking reaction of silicone sealant, but also improve the heat resistance and wear resistance of silicone sealant.

  • 3. Calcium Oxide

  • Calcium oxide is calcium powder derived from the decomposition of limestone at elevated temperatures and is a commonly used catalyst in silicone sealant. The addition of calcium oxide can increase the cross-linking reaction speed of silicone sealant and make the reaction proceed evenly.

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