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Reactor For Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener (PTF-D) | JCT Machinery

May 07, 2024
printing thickener
What is printing thickener?
The main function of printing thickener is to provide good rheological properties, transfer the glue or color paste on the printing screen and printing roller to the fabric, combine the dye with the fiber and ensure the clear outline of the printed pattern. The pattern is clear, the color is bright and uniform; when the dye is fixed, the reaction products and residues are easy to remove in the downstream process, making the fabric soft.

The Role of Reactor in PTF-D Production
  • 1. Raw Material Mixing and Heating

  • In reactor, various raw materials can be added to it, including solvents, thickener raw materials, dispersants, preservatives, etc. By controlling the heating system of reactor, raw materials can be heated to the appropriate temperature to promote the mixing and reaction of the raw materials.

  • 2. Dispersion and Mixing

  • Once the raw materials are heated to the appropriate temperature, the stirring device of reactor starts to work to mix and disperse the raw materials. This step is very critical because PTF-D needs to ensure the uniformity and stability of the raw materials. Reactor provides an ideal environment to ensure that the raw materials are fully mixed and dispersed.

  • 3. Reaction Control

  • Some PTF-D production processes may require chemical reactions, such as polymerization reactioons. The reactor can provide a controlled environment, including control of parameters such as temperature, pressure and stirring speed, to ensure the progress of the reaction and the quality of the product.

  • 4. Product Collection and Processing

  • Once the reaction is completed, the product can be collected from the reactor. The collected product may need further processing, such as filtering, drying or formulating into a concentrate for the final product.


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