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Silicone Sealant Filling Machine Working Flow | JCT Machinery

May 27, 2024
  • Overview of Silicone Sealant Filling Machine Working Principle
    Silicone sealant filling machine delivers the silicone sealant to the storage tank through the feeding system, and then accurately distributes the glue to the filling head through the metering system, and finally fills the glue into the container. The entire process is usually managed automatically by PLC control system to ensure accurate, efficient and consistent filling.
filling machine            
Specific Equipment Composition of SIlicone Sealant Filling Machine
• Feeding system
• Storage tank
• Metering system
• Filling head
• Control system
• Conveyor belts and positionming devices
Main Working Process of Silicone Sealant Filling Machine
• Raw Material Supply : Silicone rubber raw materials are transported from large-capacity storage tanks to the storage tanks of the filling machine through the feeding system.
• Uniform Mixing : Storage tank is usually equipped with a stirring device to maintain the uniformity of silicone sealant and prevent precipitation or solidification.

glue press

operation panel

• Accurate Measurement : Metering system accurately measures the volume or weight of silicone sealant according to the set filling amount through devices such as piston pumps, gear pumps or screw pumps.
• Ajustment and Control : PLC control system controls the operation of metering system according to preset parameters to ensure tha the amount of silicone sealant is consistent for each filling.
• Alignment Filling : Container is accurately positioned under the filling head through the conveyor belt and positioning device to ensure that the filling head is aligned with the container mouth.
• Anti-drip Design : Filling head is usually designed with an anti-drip function to ensure that no spills occur during the fillingprocess and to keep the filling area clean.
• Filling Operation : Silicone sealant is injected into the container through the filling head. Filling speed and pressure are adjusted by the control system to adapt to different types of silicone sealant and containers.

filling machine

sealing machine

• Sealing Processing : After filling is completed, the container is transferred to the sealing station for sealing processing to ensure the sealing and preservation of silicone sealant.
• Transfer Output : Filled and sealed containers are transferred to the next process, such as packaging or quality inspection, via a conveyor belt.
• Quality Inspection : Carry outt necessary quality inspections to ensure that the filling volume and sealing quality of each container meet the requirements.


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