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Reactor Speed Reducer | JCT Machinery

May 28, 2024
Working Principle of Reactor Speed Reducer
  • 1. Power Input

  • Prime movers such as motors provide high speed power input and are connected to the input shaft of the reactor speed reducer.

  • 2. Gear Reduction

  • Reactor speed reducer has a multi-stage gear set inside, which converts the high speed rotation of the input shaft into the low speed rotation of the output shaft through gear meshing and transmission. The gear ratio determines the reduction ratio.

  • 3. Torque Conversion

  • Through gear transmission, the high speed of input shaft is reduced, and the torque of output shaf is increased. In this way, reactor speed reducer outputs low speed, high torque power.

  • 4. Output Transmission

  • The output shaft of reactor speed reducer is connected to the agitator of reactor, providing appropriate stirring speed and torque to meet the stirring requirements in reactor.


Reactor Speed Reducer
It is widely used in reactors in the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing for mixing, reacting and homogenizing various materials. Their selection needs to consider the specific needs of reactor, such as agitator type, stirring speed, material viscosity and process requirements.

Role of Reactor Speed Reducer
  • 1. Reduce Speed

  • The prime mover (such as an electric motor) usually provides a high speed output, while the agitator in the reactor needs to run at a low speed to ensure uniform mixing and prevent excessive shear force. The reactor speed reducer reduces the high speed to a suitable mixing speed.

  • 2. Increase Torque

  • While reducing the speed, the reactor speed reducer can increase the torque, allowing the agitator to handle high viscosity or large volume materials to ensure sufficient mixing and reaction.

  • 3. Stable Operation

  • Reactor speed reducer provides a stable output speed and torque to ensure that the agitator in reactor can operate continuously and smoothly, avoiding uneven mixing or inadequate reaction caused by unstable speed.

  • 4. Extend Equipment Life

  • By adjusting and optimizing the mixing speed, reactor speed reducer reduces the mechanical stress and wear of the equipment, thereby entending the service life of the agitator and reactor.

  • 5. Improve Efficiency

  • The use of reducers enables the agitator to operate at the most suitable speed and torque, improving the efficiency and yield of chemical reactions.

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