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Silicone Sealant Production Line Equipment and Process | JCT Machinery

November 20, 2023

Silicone sealant equipments produced by JCT company are well made, reasonable structure, easy to operate and suitable for the production of a variety.

Silicone Sealant Production Line
Equipment configuration

1. Base material dispersing mixer / Vacuum kneader

2. High viscosity pump

3. Base storage tank

4. Heating system (according to actual requirements)

5. Vacuum system

6. Three roller grinding machine (according to actual requirements)

7. Multifunctional-dispersing machine

8. Hydraulic discharging machine

9. Cooling system

10. Sealant filling machine (plastic bottle filling machine, film filling machine)

11. Raw material storage tank

12. Oven

13. Batching system

14. Inkjet printer

silicone sealant production line

Manufacturing process
  1. 1) Preparation of raw materials according to the formula, add to the base disperser / kneader, powder materials can be put into the disperser for 2-3 times. Through a period of time mixing, the temperature will be raised because of the friction between the materials, to acheieve full mixing effect. Start the vacuum system and draw the water from the materials.

  2. 2) The base materials will come to the base material storage tank by the high viscosity pump, slowly adding these materials to the three roller grinding machine, to achieve the fineness requirements.

  3. 3) After grinding of the base materials, put the materials into the mixing culinder. Then adding other ingredients and paste.

  4. 4) The mixing cylinder will be pushed into a multifuctional dispersing machine, starting stirring and high-speed dispersing. At the same time, starting the vacuum system, drawing out the moisture and air from the materials, Start the cooling system to control the temperature of the materials.

  5. 5) After the production is finished, the mixing cylinder is pushed into the hydraulic discharging machine, and materials are transported to a material cylinder of the packaging machine.

  6. 6) Putting the bucket into the packaging machine and then filling.

  7. 7) Packing the finished products into the warehouse.

silicone sealant use

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