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Silicone Rubber Main Performance | JCT Machinery

December 14, 2023
Main Performance
  • 1. High Temperature Performance
    The notable feature of silicone rubber is its high-temperature stability. Although its strength at room temperature is only half that of natural rubber or some synthetic rubber, it can still maintain a certain degree of flexibility, resilience and surface hardness in high temperature environments above 200℃, and its mechanical properties do not show significant changes.
  • 2. Low Temperature Performance
    The glass transition temperature of silicone rubber is generally -70~ -50℃, and the special formula can reach -100℃, indicating its excellent low-temperature performance. This is of great significance to the aviation and aerospace industries.
  • 3. Weathering Resistance
    The Si-O-Si bond in silicone rubber is highly stable to oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet radiation, and has excellent weather resistance without any additives.
  • 4. Electrical Performance
    Silicone rubber has excellent insulation performance, as well as excellent resistance to corona and arc.
  • 5. Physical and Mechanical Properties
    The physical and mechanical properties of silicone rubber at room temperature are worse than those of general rubber, but at high temperatures of 150℃ and low temperatures of -50℃, its physical and mechanical properties are better than those of general rubber.
  • 6. Oil Resistance and Chemical Reagent Resistance
    Ordinary silicone rubber has moderate oil and solvent resistance properties.
  • 7. Gas Permeability
    At room tenperature, the permeability of silicone rubber to gases such as air, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide is 30-50 times higher than that of natural rubber.
  • 8. Physiological Inertia
    Silicone rubber is non-toxic, odorless and does not adhere to human tissues. It has anticoagulant effects and very little reactivity suitable as a medical material.

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