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Silicone Mixing Equipment Supplier | JCT Machinery

June 27, 2024
Here JCT introduce what silicone products should be produced with what equipment.

sigma mixer

HTV Silicone Rubber
Sigma mixer is suitable for the production of HTV silicone rubber mainly because of their strong mixing and shearing capacities. Sigma mixer is equipped with 2 ∑-shaped blades, which can achieve efficient mixing and homogenization in high viscosity, high density materials, ensuring that various additives are fully integrated with the silicone rubber base. In addition, sigma mixer can provide precise temperature control to ensure that the appropriate temperature is maintained during the mixinig process, which helps to promote the vulcanization reaction and improce the quality and performance of the final product.
Liquid Silicone Rubber
Double planetary mixer is suitable for the production of liquid silicone rubber mainly because of its unique double planetary mixing mechanism and effiicent shearing ability. Double planetary mixer is equipped with 2 sets of planetary mixing paddles, which can achieve full mixing and homogenization of materials in three-dimensional space, ensuring that the base material and additices of liquid silicone rubber are evenly dispersed. At the same time, double planetary mixer has a precise temperature control system, which can maintaina stable processing temperature, prevent overheating or overcooling, and thus opimize the performance of silicone rubber.

double planetary mixer

triple shaft mixer

Silicone Sealant
Triple shaft mixer is suitable for silicone sealant production mainly because its multi-shaft mixing design can provide excellent mixing effect and efficient shear force. It is usually equipped with 3 different types of mixing shafts, including high speed dispersion shaft, low speed mixing shaft and scraper, which can achieve comprehensive mixing, dispersion and shearing in high viscosity materials. High speed dispersion shaft helps to evenly disperse fillers and additives, low speed mixing shaft ensures uniform flow and mixing of materials, and scraper prevents materials from adhering to the tank wall. Multiple shafts work together to ensure the uniformity and stability of silicone sealant.

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