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5L Laboratory Vacuum Planetary Mixer Structure
  • 1. Mixing Container

  • Laboratory vacuum planetary mixer is usually made of stainless steel, it can withstand high vacuum and high pressure, and has a smooth interior for easy cleaning.

  • 2. Stirring Paddle and Revolution Frame

  • Laboratory vacuum planetary mixer stirring paddle is installed on the revolution frame, and the paddle design is optimized according to the material characteristics to ensure efficient mixing.

  • 3. Vacuum System

  • Including vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, valves, etc., to provide and maintain the required vacuum.

  • 4. Drive System

  • Laboratory vacuum planetary mixer is usually driven by a variablefrequency motor, the speed can be adjusted to adapt to different mixing process requirements.

  • 5. Control System

  • Equipped with a modern control panel and software, laboratory vacuum planetary mixer can accurately control stirring time, rotation speed, temperature and vacuum degree, and can record and store data to facilitate experimental analysis and repeatable research.

vacuum planeatry mixer

JCT 5L Laboratory Vacuum Planetary Mixer Advantage
1. Efficient Mixing
The combination of planetary stirring motion and vacuum environment ensures that materials are evenly mixed without bubbles.
2. Strong Flexibility
Suitable for the mixing needs of a variety of high viscosity and high solid vontent materials.
3. Precise Control
Temperature, vacuum degree and stirring speed can be precisely controlled to meet different process requirements.
4. Laboratory Scale
Suitable for small batches, diversified experiments, and convenient for process research and development.

JCT Laboratory Vacuum Planetary Mixer Features
The stirring paddle not only rotates aroung its own axis, but also revolves around the central axis of the container. This planetary motion ensures that the materials are fully mixed and dispersed in the container, avoiding dead corners and uneven phenomena.
The stirring process can be carried out under vacuum conditions, which can effectively prevent air entrainment, improve the density and uniformity of materials, and eliminate bubbles. It is especially suitable for the preparation of materials that require high purity and no bubbles.
vacuum planetary mixer electronic cabinet            
twist blade                
Twist Blades

efficient mixing, viscous material handling, improved heat transfer efficiency

vacuum planetary mixer blade                
JCT Laboratory Vacuum Planetary Mixer Blades

dispersing discs                
Dispersing Disc

disperse solids and liquids, improve particle fineness, promote chemical reactions

  • Q
    JCT Laboratory Vacuum Planetary Mixer Application Areas
    1. Chemical Industry
    Used to synthesize and mix various chemical reagents, catalysts, coatings, etc.
    2. Pharmaceutical
    For the preparation of ointments, pharmaceutical suspensions and other pharmaceutical preparations.
    3. Electronic Materials
    Used to manufacture electronic packaging materials, conductive paste, etc.
    4. New Material
    Used for the development and research of new composite materials, manomaterials, etc.
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    About JCT Machinery
    • 18+ years experiences in chemical mixing equipment
    • 5000+ square meters JCT Machinery own factory
    • Sold to 30+ countries
    • Chief mechanical designer graduated from Tsinghua University
    • Professional mechanical designer team and sales team.

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