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Sigma Mixer For Rubber Mixing | JCT Machinery

March 25, 2024
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    Mixing Principle
    Sigma Mixer : Utilizes the friction between two relatively rotating scrapers and the shell to knead the rubber. At the same time, auxiliary substances such as vulcanizing agents and accelerators are added to make the rubber a mixed rubber compound with good plasticity.
    Internal Mixer : Utilizes the misaligned kneading effect between two swinging rollers with different rotational speeds to mix rubber, and can also add auxiliary substances.
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    Structural Features
    Sigma Mixer : The blades move relative to the mixing chamber. The particle size can be adjusted according to the requirements of the raw materials. At the same time, temperature control and cooling technologies can also be used as needed.
    Internal Mixer : The swinging drum has stronger mixing intensity, because the misaligned friction between the two drums with different rotational speeds can make the rubber more evenly mixed, and at the same time, it can also avoid the degradation of rubber qality caused by repeated compression.
Sigma Mixer

Sigma mixer is mainly composed of six parts: kneading part, base part, hydraulic system, transmission system, vacuum system and electronic control system. The kneading part consists of cylinder body, propeller shaft, wall plate, cylinder head, etc. Hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic station that controls two small oil cylinders and two large oil cylinders to complete the functions of opening and closing the large cover and turning the mixing cylinder. The electronic control system includes manual and automatic electronic control systems, which are freely selected and requested by the user and are easy to operate and reliable. The transmission system consists of motor, reducer and gear, and the motor is matched according to the sigma mixer model. During the transmission process, the speed of the motor can be synchronized, and after passing through the elastic coupling to the reducer, the output device can drive the fast pulp to reach the specified speed, or the speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter.

Sigma mixer is a pair of mutually matched and rotating blades (usually ∑-shaped) that produce strong shearing action, so that the semi-dry or rubbery thin plastic slurry can react quickly to achieve uniform mixing and mixing. The equipment is an ideal equipment for mixing, kneading, crushing, dispersing and polymerizing various high viscosity elastic-plastic materials and various chemical products. It has the advantages of even mixing, no dead ends and high kneading efficiency.

sigma mixer blade

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