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How To Replace The Oil Seal Of Triple Shaft Mixer? | JCT Machinery

June 07, 2024

multi shaft mixer

Required Tools and Materials

1. New oil seal
2. Screwdriver
3. Wrench and socket
4. Rubber hammer
5. Cleaning cloth
6. Lubricating oil
7. Sealant (as needed)
8. Other special tools that may be required (depending on the specific equipment)
Replacement Steps
  • 1. Preparation
    Turn Off The Power: Make sure the triple shaft mixer is completely powered off and in shutdown.
    Clean The Equipment: Clean the outside of triple shaft mixer to ensure a clean operating environment and prevent foreign matter from entering the equipment.
  • 2. Disassemble the Mixer Components
    Remove the Guard and Shield: Use a screwdriver and wrench to remove the shield and other protective parts to expose the agitator shaft and oil seal position.
    Remove the Agitator Shaft: Depending on the design of triple shaft mixer, it may be necessary to remove the agitator shaft. Refer to the equipment manual for instructions on how to safely remove the agitator shaft.
  • 3. Remove Old Oil Seal
    Loosen the Fixings: Use appropriate tools to loosen the bolts or other fixings that secure the oil seal.
    Remove Old Oil Seal: Carefully pry out the old oil seal with a screwdriver or oil seal removal tool. Be careful not to damage the shaft or bearing seat.
  • 4. Clean and Inspect
    Clean the Shaft and Bearing Seat: Clean the shaft and bearing seat with a clean cloth and an appropriate detergent to ensure that there is no residue.
    Inspect the Shaft and Bearing Seat: Inspect the shaft and bearing seat for wear or damage. If problems are found, further repairs or replacement of parts are required.
  • 5. Install New Oil Seal
    Lubricate New Oil Seal: Apply an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the inner lip of the new oil seal to facilitate installation and reduce initial wear.
    Install New Oil Seal: Carefully align the new oil seal with the shaftt and bearing seat, and tap gently with a rubber hammer to ensure that the oil seal is evenly installed in place. If there is a special oil seal installation tool, it will be more convenient and safer to use the tool.
  • 6. Reassemble Triple Shaft Mixer
    Install the mixing shaft: Reinstall the mixing shaft in the reverse order of disassembly, ensuring that the shaft is correctly positiones and fixed.
    Fix the Oil Seal and Guard: Refix the bolts or other fixings of the oil seal to ensure that the oil seal is tightened. Install the guard and shield, ensuring that all bolts and screws are tightened.
  • 7. Test and Inspect
    Lubrication System: Add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the oil seal and related parts as needed.
    Test Operation: Power on and start triple shaft mixer, observe the operation, and ensure that there is no abnormal noise or leakage.
    Check the Seal: After running for a period of time, check whether there is leakage around the oil seal. If any problems are found, stop the machine immediately and inspect and adjust.

JCT Machinery After-sale Survice
JCT Machinery teach our customer how to replace the triple shaft mixer oil seal.

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