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Polyurethane Mixing Equipment | JCT Machinery

June 12, 2024

PU glue

Performance Characteristics of Polyurethane Glue (PU glue)
  • 1. High Bonding Strength

  • Polyurethane glue has excellent bonding sttrength to a variety of materials (such as metal, plastic, wood, leather, glass, etc.).

  • 2. Elasticity and Flexibility

  • The cured polyurethane glue has good elasticity and flexibility, and can withstand a certain degree of deformation and stretching without destroying the bonding effect.

  • 3. Wear Resistance and Impact Resistance

  • After curing, the surface of polyurethane glue is tough, wear-resistant and impact-resistant.

  • 4. Chemical Corrosion Resistance

  • It has good tolerance to a variety of chemicals, solvents, greases, etc., and is suitable for applications in harsh environments.

  • 5. Aging Resistance

  • It has good UV resistance and antioxidant properties, and is stable when used outdoors.

double planetary mixer
Polyurethane Mixing Equipment
Why Double Planetary Mixer is Polyurethane Mixing Equipment?
  • 1. Powerful Mixing Ability

  • Double planetary mixer has multiple stirring blades that rotate around the central axis of the mixing container. This dual movement generates strong shear force and convection effect, allowing the material to be fully mixed and dispersed. For the different components that require fine and even mixing in the production of polyurethane glue, the mixing capacity of double planetary mixer can ensure the uniform distribution of each component and prevent uneven mixing.

  • 2. Handle High Viscosity Materials

  • Polyurethane glue usually has a high viscosity, especially the viscosity will increase significantly during the reaction process. The design of double planetary mixer enables it to handle high-viscosity materials, and the mixing blades can still effectively move and mix materials under high-viscosity conditions. In addition, the powerful mechanical force of double planetary mixer can ensure that high-viscosity materials are not unable to be mixed due to excessive viscosity.

  • 3. Efficient Heat Transfer

  • In the production process of polyurethane glue, temperature control is crucial. Double planetary mixer is usually equipped with a jacket design that enables efficient heat transfer and temperature control through the heating or cooling medium in the jacket. This design helps maintain a suitable reaction temperature, prevents overheating or overcooling, and ensures the quality and stability of polyurethane glue.

  • 4. Vacuum Degassing Function

  • Double planetary mixer is usually equipped with a vacuum system that can stir and mix under vacuum conditions. The vacuum degassing function can effectively remove bubbles generated during the mixing process and prevent bubbles from forming defects in the polyurethane glue, thereby improving product quality and performance.

  • 5. Prevent Precipitation and Stratification

  • Since the paddles of double planetary mixer can cover the entire internal space of the mixing container, there are no dead spots during the mixing process, which helps prevent the precipitation and stratification of solid components such as fillers and ensures that the materials are transported throughout the entire production process. uniformity.

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