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Gantry Planetary Mixer | JCT Machinery

July 01, 2024
planetary mixer
Gantry Planetary Mixer Hydraulic Lifting System
Gantry hydraulic lifting system in the planetary mixer is designed to facilitate the lifting and replacement of the mixing tank, ensuring the convenience and safety of operation.
Components of Gantry Hydraulic System
  • 1. Hydraulic Pump

  • Hydraulic pump is the core component of the hydraulic system. It is driven by an electric motor to extract and pressurize the hydraulic oil from the oil tank to provide hydraulic power.

  • 2. Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Hydraulic cylinder is the actuator of the hydraulic system. It drives the piston to move through the pressure of the hydraulic oil to achieve the lifting and lowering action of the gantry planetary mixer.

  • 3. Control Valve

  • Control valve is used to control the flow direction, pressure and flow of the hydraulic oil, and determine the movement speed and direction of the hydraulic cylinder.

  • 4. Fuel Tank

  • Fuel tank is used to store hydraulic pil, provide the workiing medium of the hydraulic system, and filter the hydraulic oil through the filter the hydraulic oil throught the filter to ensure the cleanliness of the system.

  • 5. Hydraulic Pipeline

  • Hydraulic pipeline connects the various components to form a complete hydraulic system and transmit hydraulic oil.

planetary mixer with press machine
Working Principle
The hydraulic pump draws hydraulic oil from the oil tank and pressurizes it, and then delivers it to the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic pipeline. When the hydraulic oil enters one end of the hydraulic cylinder, it pushes the piston to move, realizing the lifting and loweringof the mixing tank.
  • 1. Regular Maintenance

  • Regularly check each component of the hydraulic system to ensure that there is no leakage and the hydraulic oil is clean.

  • 2. Operation Specifications

  • Use the hydraulic system strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to avoid overloading and misoperation.

  • 3. Safety Protection

  • Pay attention to safety protection during operation to prevent accidental injuries caused by hydraulic system failure.

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