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High Speed Dispersion Blade | Impeller | JCT Machinery

November 30, 2023
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    What is high speed dispersion blade?
    High speed dispersion blade is a type of mixing tool used in high speed dispersers or mixers. These blades are designed to efficiently disperse, emulsify and blend materials in various liquid or semi-liquid systems.

high speed dispersion blade

High Speed Dispersion Blade Features
  • Blade Design

  • High speed dispersion blades typically have a unique design with sharp edges or teeth that allow for efficient cutting, tearing and dispersing of materials.

  • High Speed Rotation

  • High speed dispersion blades operate at high speeds to generate intense shear forces. promoting rapid and effective dispersion of particles in the mixing medium.

  • Material Compatibility

  • High speed dispersion blades are suitable for a wide range of materials, including liquids, powders and viscous substances. They can be used in applications such as paint, coatings, adhesives, inks and more.

  • Versatility

  • The blades are versatile and can be used for various tasks, including breaking down agglomerates, degglomerating powders and creating fine particle suspensions.

  • Adjustable Height

  • Some high speed dispersion blades are mounted on an adjustable shaft, allowing the operator to change the blade height relative to the mixing vessel. This feature provides flexibility in the mixing process.

  • Different Blade Types

  • Various high speed diepersion blade designs are available to suit different applications. Common types include saw-tooth blades, serrated blades, and other configurations optimized for specific mixing tasks.

  • Easy to Clean

  • Many high speed dispersion blades are designed for easy removal and cleaning. Quick disassembly facilitates thorough cleaning between batches or when changing materials.

  • Materials of Construction

  • High speed dispersion blades are often constructed from materials such as stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability.

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