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Dual Shaft Mixer For Nail Polish | JCT Machinery

April 01, 2024
Dual Shaft Mixer Working Principle
  • 1. Mixing Stage

  • During the mixing stage, dual shaft mixer has 2 shafts equipped with stirring blades that rotate at different speeds. After injecting raw materials into the mixing chamber, the stirring blades push the raw materials inside, causing the raw materials to form a circular flow in the mixing tank. This flow effect makes the raw materials mix evenly and the ingredients are fully contacted and mixed.

  • 2. Shearing Stage

  • When the mixing reaches a certain level, dual shaft mixer begins to enter the shearing stage. At this stage, the rotation speed and direction of the mixing blades will change, resulting in shearing forces between the raw materials. This shear force reduces the particle size of raw materials and helps further mixing and homogenization.

  • 3. Summarize

  • Dual shaft mixer fully mixes the raw materials and applies shear force through the rotation and movement of the mixing blades, thereby achieving uniform mixing and processing of the raw materials. It is suitable for mixing many different types of materials, including powdery, granular and liquid raw materials.

dual shaft mixer
Recently, JCT Machinery shipped a 300L dual shaft mixer to a nail polish manufacturer.
Dual Shaft Mixer Features
  • 1. Mix Evenly

  • The production of nail polish requires the uniform mixing of multiple ingredients such as resins, pigments, thinners, etc. to ensure consistent color, texture and performance of the final product. Dual shaft mixer has powerful stirring and mixing capabilities, able to fully mix various ingredients to ensure product homogeneity.

  • 2. Efficient Production

  • Dual shaft mixer can complete the mixing process quickly and effectively, greatly improving production efficiency. In the nail polish production line, efficient mixing equipment can reduce the production cycle, increase output and reduce production costs.

  • 3. Adaptable

  • Dual shaft mixer is suitable for many different types of nail polish formulas and ingredients. It can handle raw materials with various viscosities and fluidities, and has strong versatility and adaptability.

  • 4. Easy to Operate

  • Dual shaft mixer is easy to  operate. You only need to put various raw materials into the mixing chamber and start the equipment to complete the mixing process. Operators do not need complex operating skills, which reduces operating difficulty and personnel training costs.

  • 5. Easy to Clean and Maintain

  • Dual shaft mixer has a simple structure and is easy to clean and maintain. The surface of the equipment is smooth and there are no dead corners, which avoids the accumlation of residues and reduces cleaning time and maintenance costs.

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