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Correct Reactor Operation Procedures | JCT Machinery

April 08, 2024
Before Using The Reactor
1. Check whether the reactor, stirrer, rotating parts, ancillary equipment, indicating instruments, safety valves, pipelines and valves meet safety requirements.
2. Check whether water, electricity and gas meet safety requirements.
When Using The Reactor
  • 1

  • Check whether each valve has been tighened, and turn on the power supply of the control box and its display switch.

  • 2

  • Turn on the power of reactor and air pump. Turn on the stirrer before adding materials. When there is no noise and the operation is normal, add materials.

  • 3

  • Open the main valve and partial pressure valve of the nitrogen cylinder. First adjust the pressure of the partial pressure valve to the pressure required for the reaction, and then open the reactor air inlet valve to slowly fill the reactor with gas. When the pressure value displayed on the reactor is the same as tthe pressure set on the nitrogen bottle and no longer changes, close the air inlet valve of the reactor and the outlet valve of the bitrogen bottle in dequence.

  • 4

  • Add the reactants and be careful not to exceed 3/4 of the reactor volume.

  • 5

  • For jacketed steam heating mode, before opening the steam valve, open the return valve first and then the air inlet valve. The steam valve should be opened slowly to preheat the jacket and gradually increase the pressure. The pressure inside the jacket must not exceed the specified value.

  • 6

  • The steam valve and the cooling valve cannot be started at the same time, and hammering and collision are not allowed when the steam pipeline is passing through.

  • 7

  • When opening the cooling water valve, open the return water valve first and then the water inlet valve. The cooling water pressure shall not be lower than 0.1MPa or higher than 0.2MPa.

  • 8

  • After checking that the thermocouple has been inserted, turn on the heating switch and run the heating program.

  • 9

  • After the reaction starts, pay close attention to changes in various parameters during the reaction, especially changes in pressure.

  • After Reactor is Stopped
    1. Stop stirring, cut off the power supply to the reactor, and close various valves.
    2. Set the temperature to room temperature and cool down naturally.
    3. Open the exhaust valve above the reactor and slowly reduce the pressure until the pressure gauge drops to 0.
    4. Close the exhaust valve, open the bolts of reactor clamp, open the reactor cover, and take out the reaction product.
    5. Strictly clean the reactor after each experiment.
    6. Check whether the upper and lower interfaces of the reactor are aligned. After appropriate adjustment, slowly close the reactor body and the reactor lid, tighten the ferrule but do not tighten the bolts, adjust the reactor to the pre-reaction state, and check whethen the valves are closed tightly.

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