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Dual Shaft Mixer Manufacturer | JCT Machinery

March 19, 2024
Dual Shaft Mixer Main Components
  • 1. Mixing Paddles

  • It is equipped with two independently driven shafts, each with a mixing paddle or other type of mixing element installed. The design and arrangement of these paddles can be customized according to process requirements and characteristics of the materials being mixed to achieve effective mixing, dispersion and agitation. Made of high quality stainless steel.

  • 2. Drive System

  • Dual shaft mixer is usually equipped with independent drive systems that drive the mixing elements on each shaft to rotate. The drive system usually includes components such as motors, reducers, transmission shafts and couplings to provide sufficient power and torque and ensure the stable operation of the mixing elements.

  • 3. Control System

  • Dual shaft mixer is usually equipped with a control system to monitor and adjust various parameters during the mixing process, such as rotation speed, temperature, pressure, etc. The control system can realize automated control, improve production efficiency and product quality, and ensure operational safety.

What Material can a Dual Shaft Mixer Process?
  • Low Viscosity Materials
    Such as water, solutions, liquid additives, solvents, etc. These materials usually require lower stirring power and higher stirring speed to achieve effective mixing.
  • Medium Viscosity Materials
    Such as viscous liquid, colloids, slurry materials, emulsions, etc. These materials may require appropriate stirring power and stirring speed to ensure full mixing and uniform dispersion.
  • High Viscosity Materials
    Such as gel materials, paste materials, clay, paints, resins, adhesives, etc. These materials usually require higher stirring power and stirring speed to overcome their viscosity and achieve effective mixing and dispersion.

dual shaft mixer

JCT Machinery — Dual Shaft Mixer Manufacturer

• Over 17+ years experiences in chemical mixing equipment

• 5000+ square meters JCT Machinery own factory

• Sold to 30+ countries

• Chief mechanical designer graduated from Tsinghua University

• Professional mechanical designer team and sales team

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