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Dual Shaft Mixer | JCT Machinery

February 24, 2024
Dual Shaft Mixer Features
  • 1. Dual Agitator

  • The presence of two agitators or shafts enables the simultaneous movement of materials in multiple directions. This dual agitation promotes better blending and dispersion of ingredients.

  • 2. Different Agitator Types

  • Dual shaft mixer can be equipped with various types of agitators, such as paddle blades, anchor blades, ribbon blades or other specialized agitator designs. The choice of agitator depends on the specific mixing requirements and the characteristics of the materials being processed.

  • 3. High Mixing Efficiency

  • Dual shaft configuration enhances mixing efficiency, making the mixer suitable for applications where thorough homogenization and diispersion are essential.

  • 4. Versatility

  • Dual shaft mixer is versatile and can handle a wide range of materials, including viscous pastes, powders, liquids and more. It finds applications in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and cosmetics.

  • 5. Variable Speeds

  • Many dual shaft mixers offer variable speed control for each shaft, allowing operators to adjust the mixing intensity according to the specific requirements of the process.

  • 6. Jacketed Design

  • Some models come with a jacketed design, allowing for heating or cooling of the mixing chamber. This feature is beneficial for processes that involve temperature-sensitive materials.

  • 7. Vacuum or Pressure Capabilities

  • Certain dual shaft mixer can operates under vacuum or pressure conditions, enabling the removal of air or the introduction of gases during the mixing process.

If you want to buy a dual shaft mixer
  • Space Requirements
    Dual shaft mixer may requires more space compared to single shaft mixer due to the presence of  two agitators.
  • Maintenance
    The maintenance of dual shaft mixer can be more complex compared to single shaft mixer due to the presence of multiple agitators and drive systems.
  • Customization
    The design and features of dual shaft mixer can be customized based on specific processing needs and the characteristics of the materials being mixed.
  • Power Requirements
    Dual shaft mixer typically require more power due to the presence of two independently driven agitators.

dual shaft mixer

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