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Difference Between Liquid Silicone And Solid Silicone | JCT Machinery

March 18, 2024
Liquid Silicone
  • 1. Exterior

  • In a liquid state and has fluidity.

  • 2. Field of Use

  • Used in baby products, kitchen supplies and medical supplies and can directly come into contact with food and the human body.

  • 3. Safety

  • It is a highly transparent and safe food-grade material. No auxiliary materials such as vulcanizing agents are added during molding, and the materials are sealed and fed into the molding.

  • 4. Forming Method

  • It is injection molded liquid silicone rubber, and he vulcanization equipment is an injection molding machine. The injection molding machine has a very simple process flow, high prouct accuracy, high output (A/B glue is mixed at a certain temperature and molded in a few seconds), saves manpower, electricity, materials and many other advantages, and can produce all high-temperature glue production products; will be the mainstream in the development of silicone rubber materials in the coming years.

  • 5. Finished Product

  • It has high transparency, no odor and the product has a glue injection port.

Solid Silicone
  • 1. Exterior

  • In a solid state and has no fluidity.

  • 2. Field of Use

  • Used in daily necessities, industrial miscellaneous parts and auto parts.

  • 3. Safety

  • It is a transparent material. When molding, a vulcanizing agent needs to be added to speed up the vulcanization molding time, and the mold is fed into the open mold for molding.

  • 4. Forming Method

  • Solid silicone molding is when the raw materials are solid pieces. After being mixed by the mixer, the cutting machine cuts the product into the appropriate size and thickness for the mold, and then puts it into the mold. The pressure molding machine presses and molds at a certain temperature. When demoulding is similar to plastic products, the mold also needs to be cleaned.

  • 5. Finished Product

  • It has low transparency, has a vulcanizing agent or other scent that covers the vulcanizing agent, and has no glue injection port.

HTV Silicone Rubber Production Line equipment configuration:

1. Sigma mixer

2. Receiving trolley

3. Open mill

4. Cooling-water machine

5. Material storage station

6. Silicone rubber filter

7. Roller conveyor

Liquid Silicone Rubber Production Line equipment configuration:

1. Vacuum sigma mixer

2. High viscosity pump

3. Base storage tank

4. Heating system (according to actual needs)

5. Vacuum system

6. Three roll grinding machine

7. Multi-function dispersing and mixing machine or planetary mixer

8. Hydraulic discharging machine

9. Cooling system

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