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Dual Shaft Mixer: Lithium Battery Slurry Mixing Equipment | JCT Machinery

April 19, 2024
  • Dual Shaft Mixer Basic Structure
    Dual shaft mixer consists of a column structure, a transmission part, a sealed container, a lifting system, a control system, etc.
    The dispersing disc and blades are made of high quality steel carburized and quenched, and the ring gear is made of high quality steel surface hardened. All gears are groung.
    • 1. Dual shaft mixer planet carrier and bearing set are made of cast steel or high carbon steel welded and annealed to eliminate stress. The box body and planet carrier are optimized and designed through computer simulation deformation and stress analysis to achieve higher load-bearing capacity.
    • 2. All bearings use roller bearings with appropriate specifications, and the bearings in the stressed parts all use big brands.
    • 3. Both the planetary shaft and the dispersing shaft adopt radial skeletoon oil seals, and the radially loaded axis adopts double-causing pressure resistant oil seals.
    • 4. It comes with a wealth of accessories for customers to choose from, and can be combined with other products of our company to form a production line system with more functions.
dual shaft mixer
Dual Shaft Mixer Working Principle
Dual shaft mixer is intelligently controlled by a control panel or central control system and cna operate automatically according to the programmed mixing process. It is equipped with 2 spiral blades and 2 dispersing discs, which are driven separately by a dual planetary structure. Dual shaft mixer can meet the efficient mixing between various types of powders and liquids. Through processes such as kneading, stirring and dispersing, the particle distribution, and consistency of adhesion are controlled. At the same time, the mixing barrel has quick relacement and vacuum sealing functions. Through vacuuming, bubbles in the slurry can be eliminated to meet the requirements of the mixing and slurrying process.

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